Monday, February 26, 2007

lil update

I probably confused at least a couple people, some one suggested I might have strep throat and I realize I didn't put my statement about it from last nights entry into a question (which is what I intended on doing..oops!) Ok, so I don't think I have strep for the fact that my throat only hurts at night time, I'm pretty well always hoarse, but I nearly lose my voice at night and first thing in the morning it takes it a little while for it to get as "normal" as possible for right now! So I don't think I have Strep Throat!! :)

We've had a little houseguest since Friday afternoon and he's going home anytime now. He's our friends little dog, Sparky! They went to Venice for the weekend, while the inlaw (mil and grandma) are here. The husband will be deploying soon, so this was a nice little weekend get away. They just had a baby in January and we kept their older son during that time. So any ways, Sparky should be going up in the next half hour. He was supposed to go home yesterday, but they didn't end up getting home until almost 1 am! He's a good little dog and the boys love him so he's been fun to have here! We've watched him a few other times so he just becomes right at home while staying here! :)

Ok,I need to get dressed, it's some how 10:30 already! Where did my morning go? I need to start thinking about lunch!!


ukgal36 said...

Have a better week Christy...

deshelestraci said...

I hope not about the strep.  It's not good when it doesn't get treated.  It turns into Scarlet Fever.  So be careful.  
Change of plans for us.  We aren't leaving until Wednesday.  Bella's been sick.  So I'm waiting on her to feel better.

springangel235 said...

I will keep good thoughts for you...praying it is not strep...hugs and love,

jckfrstross said...

hope you feel better soon:)


fairylaura said...

So glad it's not strep. Ugh.. I hate being sick. Oh and sorry about the m/s. That's never fun! Take it easy!


mommylildevils said...

OOOPS I apologize I think I was the only one who misunderstood about you having Strep Throat.... I'm gald thats not what you have.... Hopefully your sore throat goes away soon...
Take Care