Sunday, February 25, 2007

In a Mood**Edited**

Ok first thanks for the prayers and thoughts. My friend is getting better, she's still not feeling hot but the worst of it seems to be past. Her oldest is coming home tonight and she's happy about that, she's really missed her even though she's been at her Nana's about 15 minutes away. I think all of us Mama's can understand how much we miss our little ones when they're not with us. Amazingly her youngest one who stayed home never got sick so hopefully the girls will stay healthy!

My throat is still a little soar,but not like it was. I've never had strep throat, but I always thought that was something that always hurt (day and night) and mine really is only sore at night, I will wake up a little sore, but mostly hoarse and it stays that oh so sexy hoarse sound throughout the day (not the crackling going in and out like it is in the morning and by the end of the night, which you all know is 2 or 3 am for me!).

The morning sickness (m/s) is still here and so is the overwhelming nausea. I'm honestly sick of it (yeah great choice of words huh!) I'm tired of it. Speaking of tired, that's really hitting me lately. Today we had Awana. We have to be at the church by 4. I'm the Sparks Director so I have a bag and tote I take to the High School Annex where Sparks and T&T are at (the cubbies are the only ones that stay at the chapel), and Chad's the Games Director and he normally has tons of stuff to haul, including grabbing the flags for Sparks and T&T as well as the American Flag and the Awana Flag and the board that has the Awana Pledge on it. (Yes Chad grabs more than what he should have to, but simply put no one else does it falls on him and he's a nice guy!). Anyways, I laid down on the couch about 3, finally started drifting off about 3:20, only to wake up 20 minutes freaking out knowing we still needed to get ready to go. So we popped off the couch and chair (where Chad was dosing). Seriously I could have slept until 6 pm. Once we were outside I was fine, but man was I tired and of course here it is 11:35 and I'm wide awake.

Did I tell you guys that on Thursday we're going back down to Garmisch? The chapel is sponsoring Marriage retreats through our unit (all 3 units who returned are going on retreats, they're each offering 4 or 5 so everyone can go). We couldn't go to the first one, but it's really worked out perfectly, we would have missed AWANA and that's a no go. We'll be down there Thursday through Saturday. While down there we plan on going to a man who makes furniture (custom) for a very reasonable price! I'm excited about the retreat and the furniture! The boys love going there and it's honestly I think Jack's favorite place in the whole world!!

Ok so anyways, ultimately I'm just in a mood. I've read a friends blog (real life friend) and oh she's on my last freaking nerve. I know so not nice. We have completely opposite opinions on parenting, not saying I'm right and she's wrong, just very different. I'm not one who thinks TV is really good for kids and she gives it the credit for teaching her children. I guess I am too stubborn to say tv's been my children's teacher...that's MY JOB. I think tv is and should be for entertainment. Of course there are learning aspects, but it's not what's teaching my children. What it can do though is encourage things. It can encourage negative (mostly) and sometimes positive morals, it can encourage values (again I believe mostly negative). There are a lot of cute children's programs on tv now and they spout that they're educational but really they're entertainment. When I was a kid I watched for entertainment and I know without a doubt I learned from them. I think in many ways the older cartoons gave in ways more valuable tools. They showed friends being FRIENDS, showed families being families, sticking up for each other, going out on the limb for each other, etc. My childhood was full of Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Bright, Munchichi's (oh I loved that, the Get A Long Gang ( I think they are the animals who lived in the city park), Care Bears, Smurfs, etc. There were good and bad, very clear cut in many of the cartoons from my childhood. There were good guys and bad guys. Today there's very few that teach that aspect to life. The reality is there are good and bad people. Easy and hard situations, etc. They were also primarily limited to Saturday mornings, where you looked forward to it all week. It also gave you a reason to behave yourself, knowing if you misbehaved, had a dirty room, etc no cartoons, which was close to death! LOL

So there's my mini vent for the night! LOL

Oh and I did accomplish something else some laundry put away. Trust me when I say I'm a stay at home mom and not such a hot housewife. I want to be better at the latter. When I did put up the clothes I was very snippy to Chad, so I owe him a big apology. He'd offered to help  me even, and I was just not nice to him. No excuse, I choose my bad behavior/reaction and now I need to go in and say I'm sorry. It's humbling. God manages to humble me every single day, often multiple times a day!

**To answer Deb's question...the boys will go with us! They'll offer FREE childcare at the resort. Oh and the retreat is completely free, well I take that back. We'll have to pay for our lunches, but they pay for the room, breakfast, and dinner! We'll have 2 or 3 sessions/classes, one Thursday evening or afternoon once we're there, one on Friday, and possibly one on Saturday (not sure on Sat....Chad's supposed to bring the itenary home tomorrow). The rest of the time will be ours to do as we please. I think I can handle 1-2 hrs of classes a day, the rest of the time wondering Garmisch, playing in the pool, & enjoying the hot tub! Don't worry the hot tub isn't like the blasted scorching ones that are dangerous to pregnant women, this one the water is like the perfect bath for all, from new born babies to pregnant women!! It's outside too, so if it's cold oh it's the best! There's just something about warm water and cold air that does a person good! It's huge too, you can probably fit easily 40 or more people in it. Kids are welcomed until 7 pm (then it's adults only until closing time!!). Oh I can't wait!! LOL

Have a wonderful Sunday.


God Bless


jckfrstross said...

i do hope you all enjoy the retreat:) are the boys going with you both or staying with friends? have a good week


scotthlori said...

Scott and I are picky about what the girls are allowed and not allowed to watch on TV.  We have found that it is good to go with PBS shows; Curious George, Clifford The Big Red Dog, Buster ...etc.   But we do buy a lot of DVDS as well.  


deshelestraci said...

I tell ya.  I think pregnancy hormones are the worst!  I was a total crankmiester the whole time I was pregnant!  I hope things get better!

newhope03 said...

How sweet are you to request prayers for ME on YOUR blog?  That must be the reason for the distinct improvement from yesterday to today!  There are still lingering annoying symptoms, but overall I'm just so thankful for some relief!  The baby was lazy yesterday, so I got out the doppler, just to be sure all was well and I heard that sweet sound. :) :) :)  Today, the baby's back to fluttering around!  I appreciate everyone's prayers more than you know.  Please keep them up, as my fever is not completely gone, so Hope didn't get to come home just yet.  Praying tomorrow is a better day, filled with healing from our sweet Jesus. :)

How exciting about your trip, too!!!  I pray you feel better just in time to enjoy the trip!!!


mommylildevils said...

Im new to your journal. I wanted to say hello and introuduce myself instead of just being a lurker lol. Thanks goodness your friend is doing better. I know that I am with my kids all week and they finally go somehere on the weekend I miss them terribly but when they are here they drive me insane :))) I hate catching Strep Throat. Last yr I had the worst one ever..It was so painful I couldnt sleep. I didnt want to go to the Dr so I waited. Next thing you know it was so bad I was bleeding. That woke me up and I went in..Ughhhh hope I never have a repeat!! Get better soon! Speaking of morning sickness I know how you feel, though I didnt have only morning sickness I had ALL DAY sickness. Girl I ws dying for 4 mths to come already. I loved being pregnant but I dreaded that part the most. Are you almost nest to your 3 rd mth??? I know also what you mean about reading a friends blog and it annoying you. I recently wrote an entry in my blog about something a friend of mine wrote about..What annoyed me the most was that this entry was about MY FAMILY and MY HOUSE!! I ws ticked and I let her know. LOl I have 6 huge bags of laudry to do and I dont know how:((...
Well stop by me when you get a minute..I'll be back :)
Take care..

bhbner2him said...

Hope you are feeling at your best by the time of the retreat!  -  Barbara