Tuesday, February 27, 2007

That Big Secret and Where to Really Find that answer and well every other one we have



Ok so see the link above...click it and read Carly's entry..it's a great one and my inspiration for this entry.

So many people are constantly seeking help. They will go to therapists, friends, spouses, anyone looking for answers, yet for many of us we hold the answer in a  book that for many has been passed down from generation after generation. For some like me, you have a few of this particular book, but in different versions, throughout your home. Some may have never even opened this book up. Some love this book, some hate it and everything it has to say because oh how it will condemn you if you're doing wrong. What book is it?

The Bible. You want your self help...read the bible.

Want to know what you're doing right and wrong in raising your children....read the bible.

Want to know why your marriage isn't the way you want...read the bible.

We're a society constantly searching for answers. We want to know how to eat right, why we're feeling this way or that way and how we can feel another way. Why our marriage isn't the way we desire, the answers are all there in one book. We all want to know how to fix this or change that, and the answers have been in a book for hundreds of years.  If you're searching for answers, I urge you to open up your bible. If you don't have one you can buy one through cbd.com, amazon.com. OR go to a church and tell them you don't have a bible and would like one.

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lifesabench6 said...

Great entry Christy!  I'll go to that link in a minute- but a great thought!  Have a Blessed week!  Carolyn :)  PS  hope you're feeling better.  Carolyn