Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sickness and other stuff

Jack was not doing well last night. I went to check on him on my way to bed and he was burning up and coughing so bad. I got him some cough syrup and some Tylenol and he just sat there zoned out. I asked him if he wanted to come to bed with me and he literally fell into my arms.

He was burning up and laying beside me I swear my own body temp went up 5 degree's from him. He layed there beside me awake but not doing anything for over an hour, often he'd start to drift off and then have a coughing fit. It wasn't a horrible night, but it's such a helpless feeling when you're child is sick. We've been through the worst of childhood sickness with Jordyn and I am not at all one who freaks out when my kids get sick, but there is a small knot that grows into my stomach when they're sick. Jack just seems to be on the edge of the croup and that's what Jordyn had and what had us bring her to the ER the night she was dx. Croup did NOT cause Jordyn's cancer, it's just the childhood illness that got us to the ER, so although I know over all it is a fairly common childhood illness we also had huge issue's with croup with Jordyn. Her windpipes were swollen closed 75%, she was only getting 25% oxygen, so although I know the reality, the emotional aspect of Croup is a little more for me than most.

Anyways, Jack doesn't have croup at this point thankfully. We are cancelling our plans with our friends tonight. They have a little girl who's 10 months old and I don't want to get her sick just in time to get on the plane, wouldn't that be a loving friendship? So.....hopefully Jack will be mending up and we can get together tomorrow. I really want to do one more dinner and play cards with them before they leave. Well it sounds like it's time for another dose of cough syrup Jack's hacking again.


happysunshien said...

i coughed all night and dont feel 100% tonight but I will get better


bhbner2him said...

Praying Jack is feeling better soon!  I just went through the high fever and coughing with Bug.  She had the flu.  -  BArbara

candlejmr said...

Oh, poor Jack, I hope he's feeling better soon.  I can't imagine the fear that you must face whenever someone gets sick.  You have been through so much and I admire how you have come through it all.  

Hope you get to see your friends before they leave!


deshelestraci said...

Poor boy!  I hope he gets to feeling better soon!  Bella got up last night and was in gasteral intestinal distress!  Poor kiddo.  She was ok after the one trip to the bathroom and seems fine this morning.  Hope Jack mends soon!

xxroxymamaxx said...

Aww...poor Jack.  I hope he gets better.  It makes me sad when children are ill.  Love, Shelly

littlelady1699 said...

god bless you all

randlprysock said...

HOpe Jack is feeling better!!!  Prayers!!  We know what you are going through!  We seem to be fighting things off over here daily also.  Hugs,

jckfrstross said...

hope jack is feeling better:) and you don't get it:) have a good weekend


crewsfour said...

I hope Jack feels better soon!!!  How are you doing?? I know you mentioned not feeling 100% in your last entry.  Leene

springangel235 said...

Praying Jack feels better soon...sure hope you don't get it...have a better Friday...a healthy one!