Friday, February 23, 2007

Sore Throat and Prayers for a friend

I have a horribly sore throat. I can barely talk, even evening and morning I barely can speak. Whispering doesn't make it hurt so that's what I normally do until my voice finally starts to come back. I'm still quite hoarse but it's not too bad. When we first moved to Germany I got a nasty cold (in July/August) and ended up with larengytes ( I know I misspelled that), I was on antibiotic and another medication can't remember what it was. It took about 2 weeks with meds to get my voice back to normal. Since I will not take anything for it (not while pregnant even if it's "considered" safe) I am pretty sure it's going to take longer than 2 weeks, but we'll see. It hurts to swallow, even water. Actually water feels like acid going down my's like it's on fire when I drink it. I have also been coughing something awful, which usually leads to me running to the bathroom for 2 reaons....weak bladder and weak stomach. I'm already vomitting and gagging enough without coughing making me do it even more! I know it's really small, especially compared to my friend Emily who I'm asking the prayers for. She's 18 weeks pg and she has the flu. Her husband got sick Wed. and yesterday she came down with it. She was completely down and out yesterday with it. Her mom was able to take her older daughter who's 3, but not her younger one who's going to be 2 next between her and her sick husband they've managed to well keep Matilyn alive! LOL Amazingly neither of the girls are sick. Emily has been able to stay hydrated and she has been feeling the baby fluttering about so that's definately good news, because she was worried about how this was going to effect the baby. So please keep Emily and her husband Matt in your prayers and pray that the girls don't get sick. Emily's in her last semester of college, she'll graduate in May...she's a SAHM (stay at home mom), and watches a friends little girl who's also almost 2, so she has her hands full, oh and on Monday's she watches another little girl. To say she doesn't have time to be sick,is putting it lightly!


Thanks for the prayers. Oh and I don't think I mentioned it...but last April my computer (desk top) crashed...the harddrive. Chad of course was deployed. Last month Chad bought a new hard drive and then we had to order the system recovery discs which took 3 weeks to get here (love it when we pay for over night delivery, we knew it wouldn't get to Germany over night but figured in a fewdays) finally came and my computer is fixed! My best friends husband gave us an extra fan to hook up on the moniter too, because the fan in the computer wasn't big enough for the hard drive that CAME with the computer in the first place! @@ computer's now all fixed. I did come to like the laptop and the convience of it at times so I haven't given it up, but it was a birthday gift for Chad from he should get to use it! :) LOL I have a lot of pictures on the laptop, most I've copied to discs, but there are a few I haven't so I plan on uploading some of them on here! I still need to get the babies last u/s picture scanned and uploaded onto the computer. I need to hook it up though so that the laptop that's on wireless as well (this one is wireless too) can also be hooked up to it! Don't you love technology!


Ok, I'm off to bed.


Oh and for those not in Germany...we have a warning going across our tv's! USAEUR (U.S Army Europe) has put up a warning for all to stay out of Frankfurt Opera Square and Banking district because of extreme left wing demostartions that are taking part tomorrow, there is a good chance of violence breaking out. Most of you probably know, because I've stated it before I'm you could say an "Extreme" Right Winged Conservative  Republican   I told Chad when's the last time you heard of warnings to avoid demonstrations from right-wingers? You don't! Trust me in Europe you don't...the warnings are always about the left wingers. We didn't have plans to go to Frankfurt tomorrow anyways, but since last weekend all military personel, family members, and civilian workers were told to avoid downtown Vecinza because of protests (against the US Army expanding the base there) and possible violence against Americans. I don't know how many showed up in Vecinza, but they were projecting up to 70,000 protesters. Although Germany has it's faults....where there's American military communities you don't find protests. Many Germans work on post and appreciate that us American's spend a great deal of our money on the economy! I don't know why the Italians are so anti-American. I honestly wonder if it's not, not just the extreme leftists, but also the communists that are still VERY strong in power there. (YES the communist party is still quite strong in Italy). We have friends who just got back today from Italy. They were intially supposed to be stationed there and she said she is so glad they didn't. She said the Italians were really rude to them, even when they did their best Italian (Germans are VERY kind most the time, but especially when we attempt to speak their language). She said the drivers were insane (which I've heard many times), but just their demeanor over all was not kind by any means. It's amazig how 2 countries so close to each other can be so different.


Ok, I'm off to bed for real now. It's after 1 am now (1:04 to be precise).

God Bless and for those who are also sick or not feeling well...I pray you feel better.


jckfrstross said...

Christy can you get Zicam? its natural homemedic (not sure how to spell it) for colds its the only thing that helped lesson the crud:) also black tea with lemon and honey helps the throat and i will continue praying for you and the new little one and the guys:)


deshelestraci said...

Bless you while you have this cold.  I know that being pregnant and sick is no fun.  I hope you feel better soon.

bhbner2him said...

Hope you and your friend are both soon well and feeling better.  Take care.  -  BArbara

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Hope you and your friend both feel better
soon...keeping you both in my prayers!

lifesabench6 said...

Good Grief Christy- I hope you've not got strep throat!  I had that once and feels like you described.  I've already said a prayer for you, the baby and your friends and their girls and baby- but I will later too.  Germany doesn't sound that different from the US right now as far as protests and stuff goes- and it's always the so called tolerant left wingers that are the most nasty and destructive.  Next month there's a group from Move America forward and vets from past wars who will be counter rallying against anti war protestors at Washington- who have been trashing and vandalizing memorials and parts of the congress building.  These so called peace activists are nothing more than a bunch of criminals.  I wish I could go join them, but it's too hard for me to travel anywhere.  I pray that all soldiers and their families will be safe wherever they are.  God Bless you all so much!!!  Thank you Christy- please be better soon.  Carolyn :)

linnpooh said...

I understand not feeling good....I have a nasty virus too! I'll be praying for you and hope you start feeling better soon. I'm just dropping by journals today to say hi and catch up........I will be probably be MIA in leaving comments until I get back from Disney, but wanted you to know you'll be in my thoughts and I WILL return! If something comes up that you want me to know or if you need prayers for anything.....please e-mail me, okay?

Pooh Hugs,

jenniferinfla said...

Please go to doctor..I have strp right now and bronchotis and they have me on zothromax...strep won't JUST go away..your symptoms sound like mine.....