Sunday, February 11, 2007


I turned 30 on Friday! It was a great day. My friend took me out to lunch to a great Chinese lunch. Since moving to Germany I've had some gross and some simply "ok" chinese, but Friday I had wonderful Chinese!!! That evening Chad, the boys, and I went downtown. I went shopping and bought a new pair of shoes (which unlike quite a few women I don't have a lot. I lost interest in buying me shoes left and right when I became a Mom and figured I had better ways to spend my money). I also bought me two new tops, that I can grow in! :) Then we went to a great restuarant that we'd not tried before! We also went by and got some ice cream at our favorite ice cream shoppe that's just down the road from post. We actually brought it home because there were so many inside smoking and we were all gagging and my eyes were burning. The one thing I HATE about Germany is the allowed public smoking everywhere. No surprise that I hate smoking and we do our best to avoid it at every try.

Saturday I had my pedicure, which was wonderful! Then I went to the Bazaar and spent more than enough! LOL It was fun. That evening Chad threw me a surprise party! It was at one of our favorite restuarants and was a lot of fun!! Chad's never even attempted to surprise me. Christmas it normally kills me to not tell me what he got me, so this was HUGE! He kept this a secret for over 2 weeks!!! It was so much fun to be with my friends and enjoy my family!

So far 30's being great to me!! LOL


jckfrstross said...

i am so glad you had a great birthday:) have a good week


candlejmr said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  I'm glad you had such a great weekend and YAY to your husband for the suprise party!!!


republicanjen said...

Happy Birthday!!!  Sounds like you really enjoyed your birthday and I'm so glad that Chad was there to celebrate with you.  :)  

fairylaura said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, again... for being MIA. I am soooo happy you had a great time. It's always nice to be pampered.. especially for an awesome and hard working mama and wife. Take care.. and I hope your 30's is better than your 20's.


My birthday is on the 13th! Whoa!

bhbner2him said...

Oh, hope the rest of your 30th year goes as wonderfully as the first day!  -  BArbara

springangel235 said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day.....Happy Belated Birthday...hugs,

ukgal36 said...

Gald you had a nice birthday!

randlprysock said...

Happy Birthday Christy!!!!

deshelestraci said...

How wonderful to get surprised!  That is so fun.  Happy late Birthday!  Cheers to a great year!

angcrewswife said...

Happy Birthday

linnpooh said...

Happy Belated Birthday Christy!! I'm so glad it was a happy day and how fun to be surprised. You deserved "wonderful" and I'm so glad you got it :)

Pooh Hugs,

xxroxymamaxx said...

Okay, one more comment from belated birthday!  Love, Shelly