Tuesday, February 20, 2007

@@ Things

Ok for those who don't know what "@@" stands for it means rolling your eyes or eye rolling.

So lately it seems with new people arriving I've been seeing more and more HUGE SUV's. Now I'm already one who honestly can't stand them. I think 99% of the people who have them simply don't need them, but buy them because they're the "cool" thing to have. Most could simply do with a nice compact car. Instead though, they pollute our air, waste tons of gas, and pay outrageous prices for the vehicle (all the while complaining). Now in Germany simply put the country is not made for large vehicles. Parking spaces are made for small, compact cars. I drive a mini van and it's HUGE compared to German vehicles. It's wider and longer. Of course in the states it's like I am driving a compact car compared to all the large SUV's that people continue to buy. People throw fits over gas prices, honestly I do not feel sorry for most people. When driviving a vehicle they simply don't need. Not just SUV's but pick up trucks with 4 Wheel drive or a hemi, etc...99% of Americans don't NEED them or ever use them for WHAT they're INTEDED for. People think if they have a little travel trailor they need a big pick up or SUV...you don't. A mini van, heck even some compact cars, or just a regular pick up with out the extras (Hemi engine or 4 wheel drive) will pull a travel trailer just fine. Trust me come to Europe and you see these itty bitty cars pulling trailers ten times their size.

Honestly unless you have cattle or horses that you haul around A LOT you don't need these type of vehicles, it's completely unnecessary and waste of gas. Even if you NEVER use 4 wheel drive, you're still wasting gas because it's on your vehicle.

There are some people like my dad who NEED 4 wheel drive and trust me there are times he wishes he didn't. But he has cattle and they live on a farm, it's a necessary evil for their life. He buys and sells cattle. He hauls hay many times in the winter, he hauls gravel by the ton, etc. It's a necessary part of his life. When my parents go anywhere they take my mom's car.

I'm all for American Cars, I think we all should be buying American. I also don't want to whole excuse of "well this foreign company is building their cars in the states", where do you still think that money is going? Who's those high stocks benefitting the most? The foreigners. Why do you think Ford, GM, Crysler are in such bad shape? Because we're buying nonAmericans cars. I do believe they need to be making cars that get better gas milage, that are more affordable, but we can simply look at Michigan and see what we're doing when we buy foreign.


So I'm done with my little rant...Buy American, Buy with Intelligence!


happysunshien said...

woman?? what time is it there?????

shouldnt you be in bed?



happysunshien said...

oh and by the way?  I drive a buick and wayne drives a chevy blazer...lol..


candlejmr said...

Sorry....I have a Honda (Odyssey) and my husband has a Toyota (Camry)....my daughter drives a Dodge Stratus though!!!! (lol)

No SUVs though.....I do have a minivan though!!!  I drive alot of kids!!! (lol)


jckfrstross said...

have a good week:) i drive a mercury mystic and DH drives a chevy shortbed 4 wheel drive truck. It has come in so handy when he has to be to work at 3 am and the roads are slick but i know what you mean


deshelestraci said...

Yes it's true.  My hubby won't buy anything small anymore.  Most families do just fine with a small car.  He insists that we need something bigger.  My new car is a Jeep Grand Cherokee with 4 wd.  For what I ask?  Yee gads.

scotthlori said...

You made a good point!  Thanks for explaining the "@@"  I do a lot of eye rolling so this will come in quite useful!


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freemansixpack said...

I'm going to buy me some of that intelligence here shortly.lmao We're looking at Ford for our next car. We already have Chevy, GMC and Harley....was doing my part and didn't even know it.lol

I hate seeing those big truck and what not too. sucking the gas and money right out of their hands....and they like it.lol I'm a BIG hatter of the Hummers...oh gosh they are so lame.lol

now you got me all worked up.hahahah have a good one doll