Monday, February 5, 2007

ABC survey

A     Apple or PC?


B     Banking
Currently we have two banks...where our pay goes into so that's 99% online since it's in KS and we're in Germany, then we have an account here in Germany and we go inside.


C     Coffee and Chocolate! 
Chocolate. I HATE coffee and honestly have no idea how people can swallow it.

D     Dogs.  Do you have one?  If yes, what kind and it's name and why you named it that.  If no, then if you had one what kind would you choose?

Yes we have two, who are staying with my brother while we're living in Germany, and we miss them. They are named BJ and Brittany and they were already named when we got them as puppies.

E     Elvis.  There was only one.  Favorite song, and if you ever or your parents ever, saw him live.

Oh I love him and it is hard to pick one, love his gospel like Lori, but ultimately Love Me Tender (which was also his best movie, now if only that horrible Col. wouldn't have controlled him so much and he'd made better quality movies other than just this one)

F     Flowers. 
Purple Tulips and purple petunia's.

G     Grandparents, do you have any left and if you are one, to how many?

My dad's mom is alive, she's 79, or maybe she turned 80 this past Dec. My mom's dad and his wife (my mom's step mom) is alive.


H     Handy or call for help?

Both, it just depends on what it is. I know my limitations

I     IOU's any out there to a person, a friend or family?

I don't like IOU's and don't blame that game

J     Jello.  Love it?  Hate it?  Favorite flavor?  With whipped cream or cool whip or neither?  I don't love or hate it

K     Kiss.  Do you remember your first real kiss?  Where, who?

Well I was young...the summer before 2nd grade a little boy I think a yr older, Rowdy ((yes that was really his name)  he gave me my first real kiss....but then no more until I was in 7th grade and James A. real kissed (he was my boyfriend) 

L     Language.  Do you speak any others?  Fluently or a little?

I can speak Germany a little and also a very very little French and even less Spanish

M     Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?

Mickey Mouse 

N     Neighbors.  Do you know their names?  Occupations?  Phone numbers?  Or not?

We live in an apartment building with 8 apts. The neighbor I really disliked moved out officially Friday! The soldier across the hall I know, she works with Chad, I used to have her cell but no clue what it is. The other neighbors I know them all, they're either SAHM's or Housewives or soldiers.

O     Olympics.  Do you watch?  Which is your favorite winter or summer?

I love them! I like winter more, Ice Skating although the majority of them I enjoy. I was very athletic growing up and although I know I have no clue what it took for them to get to the Olympics I can truly appreciate the hard work!!

P     Pluto.  What is your take on the planet being downgraded? 

It doesn't effect me, just weird that it's no longer considered a planet and I'm now teaching Jacob differently.

Q     Quiche.  Have you ever had it?  Do you like it and what is your favorite?

I have tried it and didn't like it.

R     Refrigerator
Name three things in your refrigerator that you think are unusual.

Batteries (lasts longer) Film (lasts longer) that's the only odd things I can think of.

S     Safari.  Have you ever been to Africa on one?  A theme park version?
Never been on either, but would love to do both.

T     Telescope.  Have you ever looked thru a telescope? 

Yes in school I think 6th grade there was a sun eclipse and our science teacher had a VERY VERY high powered, special one and it allowed us to all view it (very cool), in ele. school we got together at our science teacher to watch a meteor shower (again so cool), and in high school I can remember looking again, but can't remember what it was.  


U     Umbrella.  Do youhave one and what is its design?

We have a few (we live in Germany it's mandatory!!) We have 2 black ones, one is a really big whole family can fit under it lol, and the other is a smaller one and then both boys have one each. One has trucks on it and the other has geometric shapes of multi primary colors on it.

V     Vintage.  Do you have a favorite wine to share?  Or drink?Well I can't drink right now, with a baby growing in me and all, but I've found many different types of wine's I love, but won't be drinking any for a couple years

W     Willies.  What gives you the willies?  You know, that shudder you can't stop? Oh there's lots of things! LOL

X     X-ray.  Last one?  What body part and why?

I have had many, but the last one would have been last yr/dental

Y     Yolk.  How do you like your eggs?

Scrambled, it's the ONLY way I like eggs.

Z     Zodiac.  What's your sign and does it fit your personality, in your opinion?

I’m an Acqurius and honestly no clue, because I don't take that stuff seriously think it's pretty rediculous actually. We're who GOD made us, not what stars that again GOD made say we'll be like.


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Always good to learn more about you.


Who I am… underneath it all:

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Always interesting to learn more about people!

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What great answers!!  Have a good week - Leene

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Fantastic answers...enjoyed reading.  Have a wonderful week...hugs and love,