Monday, February 26, 2007

Pregnancy Update

Ok soI'll be 15 weeks. I am still dealing with "morning" sickness. Trust me it's not just in the morning. It hits me any time of the day or evening, usually by say 7 pm I'm ok. Today I only had nausea, so maybe I'm starting to turn a corner! I hope so, but not holding my breath yet on that.

I'm also not sure if I told you that at my last ob apt, my dr decided to dx me with high blood pressure, after just one taking it was 150/72. They never retook it before I left the office. Now I go to a German ob, we have to. Where we're located that's the only option, we're a good 3 or more hours from Landstuhl so no American OB's for me. Which is ok, there are just some differences obviously. Like the whole "you're having your tubes tied, you have to...this will be your 4th c-section" no I will not. We have put our fertility and family into God's hands and he's done a great job for us so far! So anyways, my ob told me to go to our little clinic that we have on post 3 times a week until my next apt which is March 12. I went Friday and it was in the normal range. I don't remember exactly what it was but it was in the 130's/70's. Then today I went back and it was 123/80...perfectly good. The nurses at the clinic think I either had a bad reading (At my ob's they do it the old fashioned way, squeezing the cuff and listening to the heart rate) vs the machine that takes it at the clinic and well prob. every   American facility. So I'm really not sure, but am thrilled that my bp is in the normal range. I did have to call today and reschedule my glucose test. It was supposed to be on Friday, but we're going to Garmisch on a retreat so it's scheduled for next Thursday...the 8th of March. I actually requested to have the glucose test done early, because I am overweight and want to stay on top of this, so if I do come down with gestational diabetes I can be on top of taking care of it. Hopefully it will not be an issue, but I figure it's better to be overly cautious than under when it comes to this.

I'm really not one that worries too much, but I do try to be proactive and if I'm not, no one else is going to be. I'm me and my babies best advocate.

Well, I'm actually tired, so I'm off to bed.


God Bless





jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)


bhbner2him said...

Just keep monitoring to be safe.  I know our doctors and nurses here will whip out the old fashioned device if/when they see an extraordniarily high reading on the machine type.  Like they want to see for themselves as backup.  Most any person can get a really high reading from time to time.  Especially on the top number.  That's the working heart, the bottom is the resting.  Stress, exertion, feeling bad, etc. can effect that top.  -  Barbara

happysunshien said...

oh and morning sickness....yeah whatever whoever named it that is BOTH my kids I had all dadgum day long


happysunshien said...

my blood pressure was high the whole time i was pregnant with Kadie..with Austin it was completely normal....saying a prayer for you!


mommylildevils said...

UGHHH I hate that overly sweet liquid!!! LOL ...It was grosss alll 3 times I had to drink it. I can not believe some people actually enjoy it LOL...NOT ME..I can deal with the pregnancy minus that..I guess its for a good cause though and I had no choice but to down it while holding my nose. I had to fight with myself not to throw it all up...UGHHHH :))))
Great news that your pressure is down, couldve been that you were upset about something that day.... Good luck with the glucose test :)
Take Care

deshelestraci said...

I wished I could have had a glucose test that early here.  I was sick for most of Bella's pregnancy.  I know it was blood sugar related.  I even had a nurse who I ran into at a Creative Memories event tell me that she was pretty sure by looking at me that I had gestational diabetes.  She was right.  After I gave birth to her I have had high blood pressure.  And my docs only use an old fashioned bp cuff and stethascope to check me.
I'll be praying for you re this.

scotthlori said...

I hope your morning sickness makes a big disappearing act!  I had it the entire time with both my girls, so I understand completely how it feels!


lifesabench6 said...

Hi Christy- except for the morning sickness, sounds like everything is well with you both.  I'm glad, and will be praying that you both be healthy!  I'm sure you've probably been told this already, but try raspberry tea for the morning sickness.  I had it bad when I was pregnany- all day any time, and it really helped me alot.  I remember 1 time, in the morning, I was really feeling lousy and ready to throw up at any time, and we were expected at my Mother in Law's for Easter breakfast ( A tradition in my Husband's family- she lives next door)  anyway, we were supposed to be there in about a half hour.  I drank some tea, and by the time I got there, and we were ready to eat, I was able to have 2 servings of a big country breakfast!!  It worked real fast.  I hope you'll get over it though.  Mine lasted all the way through ):  Anyways, Be Blessed and have a wonderful week!  Carolyn :)

stupidsheetguy said...

Good luck with this all. Morning sickness isn't something I've ever experienced myself, obviously, but I had a wife who suffered from it, lol. You have my sympathy!

fairylaura said...

I'm glad your bp is normal!! Always stay healthy.. for yourself.. and for those beautiful boys. AND hubby too! ;)

Hopefully the sickness goes away soon! I ALWAYS had my 'morning' sickness at night. lol

PS.. thank you very much for the advice. I'm really going to put an end to this 'door mat' I'm being. Thanks again!

ksgal3133 said...

I'm glad that your BP went down.

springangel235 said...

Very good news about your BP going you get plenty of rest...we want to see a beautiful bundle at the end...hugs and love,