Thursday, September 8, 2005

Weekend Assignment #76

I'm on a roll...3 posts in 1 day! So I actually got this from Kelly....but the real question comes from John Scalzi.... Weekend Assignment #76: I (Heart) The South  so here's this week's question:

Picture from Hometown

The American South -- particularly Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama -- were hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. But the American South has also responded to the tragedy with strength and generosity as well, opening cities and homes to those displaced in Katrina's wake. So this week's Weekend Assignment travels below the Mason-Dixon line for its topic:

Weekend Assignment #76: Tell us something you love about or from the American South. From sweet tea to Lynyrd Skynyrd, William Faulkner to the French Quarter, whatever makes you heart long for southern skies belongs right here.

Extra credit: In your opinion, which Southern state has the best barbeque?

Tha accent is actually my favorite thing about the South. My maternal grandfather is from Arkansas, which brings me back to my 2nd favorite thing is...home made biscuits...oh I can still taste them even though only one of my Great Aunts is left alive and she's not the best of the cooks out of my 4 Great Aunts, but she can still cook...she is after all a Southern Lady!


As far as BBQ, well I'm a Kansas girl, and my grandpa lived in Kansas City for nearly all my with Mo literally being next door..I'll go with Missouri being the best for BBQ! :)

Mmmm...I think we'll be BBQ'ing this weekend!!

Ok, Kelly brought me to reality...MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT THE SOUTH: KENNY CHESNEY! YUMMY GOOD TN COUNTRY BOY, who loves the Beach! We're meant to be, I'm telling you! LOL Country music in general




pixiedustnme said...

the accent?  oh come on!  you can do better than that - what about Kenny?

monponsett said...

I've lived in this country for almost 25 years, and I am helpless when talking to about half the people in this country.

skunkyrip said...

you just answered my question lol so kenny chesney was from the south i though so well duh i should have figured that out, tennesse i am so dingy sometimes oh and the country is another thing great about the south.


jen73169 said...

What accent?? We don't talk funny, y'all do!! LOL