Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lost Keys

Yes that's right, my van keys are MIA. Chad left them on his dresser (which is 5 feet high), and they fell this morning. Jack had been up around 6 (AM..I know the insanity) and kept wanting to play, I told him no to get back in bed. He was running around the room, but I didn't think anything of it since I was in and out of conscienceness. Well, low and behold Jacob who had moved into our bed after Daddy had left this morning, saw Jack grab the keys and he didn't say anything!

Chad and I did not discover this until about 1 pm today, when I wanted to take the van since it was raining to go get my fitness program book that our battalion spouces are going to be doing. Chad searched the half hour I was gone, and couldn't find them. I came home searched, Chad was home at 3 and the search continued. Finally at 7 the search is over for now, we've searched everywhere. Our FEAR is the went into the toilet and possibly got flushed?? CAN keys WITH an alarm gadget go down? I'm frustrated, a little angry, and just plain mystified as to where these keys could be. Chad's going to find the phone number to the local Ford Dealership and we're going to PRAY,PRAY,PRAY that we can get another key and a dobber would be nice too, but I can live without it if I must.

Oh man, 2 yr olds are so much fun! LOL And seriously WHY can't a little  4 yr old brother who will come running to tell me that a little 2 yr old brother is doing something that's really no biggie, yet can't tell me when he SEE's him WITH the keys????? Ah, nothing like NOT understanding toddler's minds! LOL

Say some prayers please...that we find these keys! We're supposed to be going out of town NEXT Week for a fun mini vacation. Well here's to a FUN weekend! LOL


lv2trnscrb said...

Look behind sofas, inside sofas, under sofas, toy boxes, under beds, anywhere where a 2 y/o would be apt to hide something. Bribe him if necessary if he can remember what he did with them. Praying you find them soon.


my3gifts said...

We have definately looked at all the obvious 2 yr old places...those were the FIRST places we looked, over and over and over again,  plus our couch is in the middle of the living room so that takes away from them "hiding" behind the couch! Pulling the cushions out was the very first thing my husband did, etc.
Bribery doesn't work with Jackson, he JUST turned 2, and he doesn't go for the whole bribery thing, which is FINE with me..I should NEVER have to bribe my children to have them tell me something, etc....we've asked him over and over..but 2 yr olds have short attention spans and considering we didn't discover the missing keys until 7 hrs AFTER the fact of him initially having them...and the fact that he's the kind of boy who will get bored with something and just drop it and move on with something "better", he just laughs and goes to get his ball or his horse, etc.
They'll turn up eventually, I hope...but in the mean time it just stinks

sangrialel said...

I will pray very hard that you find your keys!!  I hate it when that happens!  The name of the book that we are using is called "Know why you believe" by Paul Little I am really enjoying it.  Lelly

bekahbutterflies said...

why can't 6 year old brothers tell when 4 year olds are doing something they aren't supposed to (like peeing pictures on the bathroom walls) or spitting toothpast pictures of the picture mirror.  yup.   when we get those answers, we'll have a lot less problems.  HOpe you find the keys.  

lateshabrown05 said...

What an amazing day! (Coming from someone with no kids) I always feel blessed just to be able to see (Or for this matter read!) interactions with children! Dont think that im crazy (Im not!) I have cysts on my ovaries in which are preventing me from pregnancy, but I do have 8 nieces and nephews that I consider my own!