Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pure Exhaustion

Well we got our household goods and our home now looks like a jungle of boxes. It's insane the amount of things we have. Of course if the moving company would have done the claims while we were still in Kansas, we'd not have a broken desk to store until we do claims, and since they managed to brake and/or damage other items lets just say I could be happier. On a happy note we have already found quite a few things that we're either completely trashing or taking to the Thrift Shop (we get to pick our price and decide if we want to lower it when ever we want to...so I'm going to be making a call or running down there tomorrow or Thursday for an apt with them to drop things off).

Chad and I were horrified to see the amount of boxes of clothes for the two of us. Obviously there are clothes that just do not fit us, because neither of us have that many clothes that we can wear! LOL I am positive I have quite a few clothes that are 1 to 2 sizes too big, so I want to get rid of them. We're going to sale our coffee table too, it's  hand me down from my parents. It's heavy and I'm sick of it and if we ever want one we can find one that I like far more, that weighs about half as much as this one. 

We have the boys beds set up, it's a bunk bed. We debated putting Jacob on top, and have decided to let him try it out. I had Chad help me lay the carpet it out in their room and then I put pillows down on the floor "just in case" it has a safety slat on it, so he'd have to roll up and over it, so I truly don't think he will, but it makes Mommy feel better. Jack loves sleeping on the bottom! LOL He was in and out, in and out, in and out some more!

I have bible study in the morning, and I still need to finish my lesson tonight. I'm so exhausted I wish that the boys would sleep in tomorrow, but I know they'll be up bright and early at 7 am...I know that's not early for some, but it is for me. I am NOT a morning person at all...in my perfect world no one would be functional until about 10 am! LOL I said PERFECT Christy world!

Well, I see many days of going through boxes, so who knows if I'll get much time on here or not.

Kelly, I hope you have internet back soon! Love ya girl!



happysunshien said...

good luck...lmao...i hate to unpack...I would rather buy all new stuff...lmao..and we know how impractical that is...lmao...


pixiedustnme said...

And here I thought your new apartment was so huge you wouldn't have enough stuff :-)  -Kelly

redonionsauce said...

I know about those boxes.  We just recently moved and I hear about it all the time.  I will wear the clothes, when I have occassion to.  When I am not working, cleaning, cooking(which I enjoy).  I did sell or give away what I couldn't wear.