Thursday, September 1, 2005

Putting things in perspective

I've had the tv on at different times today, right now The Today Show is on and a bit ago they showed families searching for loved ones. I sat her weeping. Weeping knowing that a good deal of these people are dead or dying. I weep for the daughter who tried her best to hold it together while urging her dad if he was watching to contact SOMEONE, anyone just so they'd know he was alright.

Last night I was all upset over something that in the realm of life, doesn't matter. I've read over and over people talking and yes just right out complaining about the gas prices (which yes they're high and going up), but they are not just complaining about the gas price today, but what it's possibly going to be and forgetting that as much as it stinks, there are people right now living in indoor football fields, because their homes are gone, much less their cars that are floating away. I'm going out on a limb to think they'd do anything right now to pay $4.00 a gallon for gas, because then they'd be safe and away from all this madness.

I read on another place of someone asking for prayers for all the people being bussed to Houston, and another responded "hey now you guys will have all the looters, they're all addicts looking for their next hit". I was stunned. This is a normally very wonderful Christian lady, yet in all of us there's ugliness, I know I definately have it, we all do, yet that just really took me off guard. Now I'm not saying people should be looting, it's stealing and we shouldn't steal..saying that IS very simple. I truly get that some people couldn't afford to get a hotel, and horrifyingly had to "ride it out". I watched the news as a woman talked about how she wished she could somehow give someone money for the food and necessities she was taking, but of course there was no one. I also know there are just some out there stealing, to steal, not because they NEED the things (no ONE needs tvs, dvd players, stereo's ) especially when there's no electricity. To see people though who are just trying to feed their families and diaper their babies, I can't say I blame them. I ache for them. I pray for them. I hope most of all they get out of there, because it's just not safe in New Orleans or Gulf Port or the many other area's that got hit.

I know I'm quite self-centered and it's hard when we get slapped in the face at just how self-centered we are. I hope that everyday I can learn something and better myself to be more like Christ. Everyday someone is suffereing a tragedy that for them is "Katrina", I know I've faced mine, and I ache for those who are hurting and suffering because of things out of their control.

I have the Today show back on again, and they have a family on here not only has their house literally been flattened, but the husband had lost his job recently and the new job he was supposed to start next Monday, was in New Orleans. People have lost their homes, vehicles, and jobs. Those things are material, and the important thing is their family is together and safe...yet now what. They have no home and job (this particular family has their vehicle). It's just astounding and terrifying to me as I am able to sit here on my computer with the tv on. How blessed am I and so many others who are sitting here horrified, but for a large part not effected, I hope everyone is praying for everyone who's effected and realizes that so many things we get worked up about really just don't matter so much.



fairylaura said...

My thoughts exactly. I'd rather pay 4.00 for gas than to be living the way they are. I'm praying for those people. It's sad what's going on. I have been talking to my friend about God all day today. It's crazy what happens. ((HUGS))


nightmaremom said...

I agree, but where is the help from the government?  Why 4 days later are these people still waiting for help???

newhope03 said...

Thank you for these words, Christy.  I am having a hard time,  as I believe most people probably are, getting my arms around this whole Katrina catastrophe.  Your words were perfect today and God spoke to me through them.  We ARE blessed to be standing where we're standing and we need to be on our knees in prayer for our brothers and sisters who are not so fortunate tonight....