Friday, September 9, 2005


I just got a call a few minutes ago and it was transportation saying our Household goods are here!! YEAH! They'll be delivering it on Tuesday! I'm so happy...our own furniture, kitchen appliances, the boys toys, everything will be here! Chad's picking up our van as I write this too! It's great!

God is good! We're wanting to go on a nice vacation and with everything arriving now, this will let that happen!!!  I can't wait to sleep on MY MATTRESS! To have our couch and chairs to lounge in! All my kitchen stuff will be great too. I have of course more than I want to weed through and get rid of,  I think we'll probably have a garage sale in a couple of weeks.

Monday when I get home from taking my driver's test, (say a prayer that I pass this on the first try!) Chad and I will be working to push all the borrowed furniture to the side so that as the movers bring in and unpack our items we'll be able to have things placed where we want them, to make things less of a hassle!

I'm hoping Chad will be home with me, it just makes things easier, especially since both the boys will be home.  I'm going to have the movers take as much of the boxes and packing as possible! There will be things we will want to go through later and the movers will come back and get the rest of the packing and boxes!

I'm so excited!! LOL

Ok, I'll stop now! :)


fairylaura said...

ALRIGHT!!!!! That's awesome. It's about time! LOL!!
Good luck on the test.


pixiedustnme said...

oh of course you'll pass the test!  I'm so excited, your own STUFF - isn't that just the best?

skunkyrip said...