Friday, September 30, 2005

Found!!!!!!!! The keys have been found!!!!

YES that's right, the keys have been found, by MEEEEEE! LOL

Ok, so come to find out, it was not either people in this house that are under the voting age...oh no it was both Chad and I! Chad's fault for having some bizarre memory of something he never did, and me for forgetting! LOL

I found them in our NEW diaper bag. Wednesday I had bible study, took the keys because I locked the place up, after bible study walked over to see Chad at work, and we all walked home together since when we got there he was leaving for lunch. When we got home, he used his keys to unlock the door and my keys stayed in the side pocket of the diaper bag!

Well today when Chad came home I thought "what about the new diaper can't hurt to look. Chad had looked in the "old" diaper bag, so last night it didn't cross my mind to look since I'd asked him if he looked in the diaper bag!

We were good parents and apologized to both the boys, yet explaining to Jacob (4) that if he DOES see Jack with something he knows he's not supposed to have, he's to come to me or Daddy IMMEDIATELY!


Alls well that ends well! Now we can go out and about tomorrow like I have been wanting to do for the past week. I have been wanting to go down town and take pictures of the many church's and the castle that's here, etc. And, next Thursday we're planning on going to Edelweiss (now for those who don't know, in German when you have a word with a "w" in it, it's pronounced with a "V" sound! So the word sounds like "ADE-EL-VICE) It's a new resort for military, down by Garmish! I'm so excited, everyone that's been there has raved about it. It's close to the Neuschweinstein castle...for those who don't know what that's the Castle that Walt Disney was inspired by for Sleeping Beauty's castle! It's one of, if not the most popular castle in Germany and definately one of the most beautiful!!

To take a look at the place we'll be staying go here: Edelweiss Lodge and Resort - Garmisch, Germany


Ok so it's time to relax a little now in the home of madness!

Thanks for all the well wishes and is funny isn't it!



sangrialel said...

I am so glad that you found your keys!!  Have fun at the castle,  I would love to be able to visit there!  Lelly

lv2trnscrb said...

So glad you found the keys! I can't wait to see the pictures of the castles and churches. The Edelweiss resort sounds like a great place to visit too - enjoy.

(you were great parents to apologize to the kids too - they will see as they grow, how important it is to admit when they've made a mistake by watching your examples)


lifeseensideways said...

Have a great time! It looks dreamy.

hunybea4him said...

aww I bet that is a relief to find your keys.. I hate it when that happens!  I try and leave them in the same place when not in use and now that the kids are older it cuts down on how often the keys get lost um hidden. lol

Much Love,

scottjoleneethan said...

Hi Christy,
Thank-you for coming by my J and leaving a note! I look forward to my time here at AOL Journals, and also reading your blog :) Take Care and TaTa

pixiedustnme said...

SEE!!  I told you he was just making up a story!  MEN!!!

cneinhorn said...

glad you found them!

~ jerseygirl