Monday, May 2, 2005

Memorial Services

Today, well ugh it's officially yesterday because it's not past midnight, anyways..we attended another memorial service for another fallen soldier we knew.

I didn't know him as well, but Chad loved this man, respected him as a soldier, leader, friend, father, and husband. He was 39, a 1st Sgt., and when he returned from Iraq (2nd tour), he was then going to retire. He had a wife and daughter.

It was of course full of tears. It was the first time I ever attended a Military Memorial service with Chad. It was hard. To sit there as my husband cried. I could feel him begin to shake, trying to control himself, yet so visably struggling. Chad's one of brave, strong men who's not afraid to show his feelings, tears and all.

We were able to see some friends who we haven't seen in quite a while. His old Co who was here when we moved back here, his old 1st Sgt who also was his 1st Sgt from when we moved back, and some other friends who came in just for the memorial service. Two of the guys who came in, had bought a couple disposable camera's, and we happened to have my camera's in the van so I got my digital and got some pictures of the guys all together. From Chad's 1st  EVER Sgt.Major to his favorite PLT Sgt who went to another Company a few months ago and has been severely missed as Chad's leader since. I took those pictures and thought, what a precious gift we will have now. A group of men who gathered to say goodbye to their friend, comrad, leader, etc.

These men have lost 10 very important soldiers in their lives. My heart aches for them. Some have their own horrors in their mind of what they experienced. Some have guilt for not (yet) being to this war, some have guilt for even making it home alive, while they had to carry their brother's bodies ( sadly some it was less than a whole body) off the battle field. They are our brave men. I'm proud to know them and love them. I'm proud to be married to one of them.

Tomorrow I'll download the pictures and post one on here, so you can also see a few of these brave men.


truetomyboo61302 said...

My heart goes out to that soldier's family and to you guys. I am so very sorry that this happen. Hugs to you, Katie

irishfirenice said...

I am so very sorry for these Soldier's families losses and your loss of dear friendship as well. God Bless ALL of you and I pray they ALL come home safe soon.