Tuesday, May 10, 2005

AH! Husbands

Ok frustration has hit me hard right now. It's been an overall good day. Hot here in Kansas. We hit 93 today, so we were all pretty well sweating bullets. I got my walking in, ate ok. Chad called to say that he was working late. The day had been good so far, and the boys were never bad, just lots of energy. We spent almost all our day outside, well ok Jacob had preschool for 3 hrs this afternoon, but we were outside from a little before 9 am we stayed outside until we came inside Jacob changed his shoes, got his book bag, then he hopped on his bike and Jack got into the stroller and off we were to walk to school, Jack and I walked home and he fell asleep on the way back.

It was a good afternoon, the boys and I played outside some more, they had dinner, and we came inside and more play! Daddy came home about 8 tonight, the boys were yelling and just carrying on. I was feeling the exhaustion of spending all day outside, good day yes, still tiring when you're running around playing with 2 little boys, along with trying to get the house clean, not exactly a small feat, I did get 4 loads of laundry done as well!

Chad asked me what was wrong, as I finally sat down with no child climbing on me or wanting me, and just that feeling of exhaustion hits you. I told him I was tired so he does his normal "I'll trade you any day your day for mine". I swear I just want to ring the man's neck. I don't play "who's got it harder" game, and it infuriates me when he does. So here I am just wanting to scream, but yeah as if I could do that, because then he'd probably find a reason to say why he deserves to scream more.


Ok so he just came in and apologized...did the world stop turning or is this man finally starting to grow?????


So if you have any vents, share them! LOL

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happysunshien said...

oh good lord ....you dont want me to start....lol