Saturday, May 28, 2005

Can't Sleep

I can't sleep, so what am I doing..still online. I'm not even tired, and that's a big problem. It's 3 am! UGH! Well I've been doing good. Check out my weight loss journal, to see how good I'm doing in that dept! :)

Today (well ok it's yesterday really) we had our friends 4 little boys over, while Mom and Dad went out on a Date!!! They went to dinner, ran some errands, and a movie. I'm glad we were able to do this for them. They've watched our boys quite a few times and anytime I needed Teddi Jo to watch the boys or one of them for me, she will, just like that. I love her boys, they're precious, well behaved little boys. The ages are crazy! LOL 5, 4,4, and 2 1/2 and no the 4 yr olds are not twins, they adopted one from TJ's sister's little boy. Her sister found out she was pg and couldn't keep him, so she asked them if they'd adopt him, they said yes, even though Teddi Jo was pregnant and actually due 2 wks before her sister! Her sister had M, on Teddi Jo's due date, and Teddi Jo gave birth on M's dd. When her sister went into labor, Ryan flew there and was there for the birth, and brought him home a day or 2 later, and Teddi Jo was able to start nursing him immediately! She was able to tandem nurse the boys once they were both there! (tandem nursing means nursing more than 1 at a time) She amazes me. She's a great mom, very calm, patient, loving, and gentle with her children. She and I both plan to homeschool our children. We're different because she LOVES to clean! Well, anyone who really knows me, knows I'd rather do anything but! LOL

Anyways, we had a housefull tonight! We had 6 boys 5 yrs and younger, 3 of them being 4! LOL!!! It was great though! The boys were all behaved and it was just a fun evening. We BBQ Hambugars and hotdogs, the kids ate great. I then made my Great Grandma's Applesauce Raisin cookies. I don't know how many points they are, but they're delicious! I sent some home with Teddi Jo, so that I wouldn't be tempted to eat them all. Thankfully the boys love them, unfortunately Chad doesn't, because he doesn't like raisins baked in things! (ugh!) lol That's ok though, because he needs to lose weight too! LOL

Anyways, it was busy, but fun night in our house. Tomorrow (well actually today), we're going to their house for dinner, we're going to BBQ again! ROFL! It'll be fun though. Nothing like good food with great company.


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pixiedustnme said...

You were SOOO tired - if you would have just gone to bed, laid down and closed your eyes you KNOW you would have been asleep >tee hee<