Sunday, May 15, 2005

Garage Sale anyone?

Well Chad finally got a clue Friday night, and came out and helped me. We finally came inside about 3 or a little after. Chad was up at 6:30 to go set up the signs and start putting together the chefron that he was too tired to put together Friday night. I was up at 7, got the boys dressed and fed, and was outside before 8. We did not have a lot of people come back, which stinks but I'm thinking because there was a carnaval in the PX parking lot and since I had to run up there and saw that about everyone from post was there, that must have been where MY buyers were! LOL

We got some sold though and made a decent amount of money so it wasn't a waste. Next Friday and Saturday we're going to do it again, so hopefully we can get the rest of it sold or at least enough that when I call GoodWill or Salvation Army they won't need their "BIG" truck! LOL

Our friends Teddi Jo and Ryan took the boys for us and Chad and I went out to dinner  to a small Italian resturant that we have both wanted to try, it was very good!THEN, we went to a movie. We went and saw Monster-In-Law. Now let me put it out there, I can't STAND Jennifer Lopez or Jane Fonda, so the fact that I helped either of their bank accounts go up just irks me beyond belief. On the other hand Michael Vartan and Wanda Sykes in it. Well Mr. Michael and just yummy and I will mention there's a great scene of him running on the beach shirtless! THANK YOU to the writer on that scene! LOL Wanda Sykes was HILLIARIOUS! IMO she stole the show! Even though I can't stand the 2 "headliners" of the movie, it was still VERY funny. I did enjoy myself though and there seems to be some good movies coming out soon.

We got the  boys and were home by 10:30 and we both crashed. I woke to allergies back up high, with the sinus's acting up and a splitting headache. We went to Sunday School, and then I had nursery during the service. Chad had to be at work this morning at 8:45 (no church for him unfortunately), because the rest of his company is going out to the field today, I took him lunch, and he should be home soon. I'm ready for a nap, of course I know if I take one now I'll be up all night long, and since I am up half the night the way it is, I'm going to suffer through it!


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irishfirenice said...

WOW! What a busy day! Hope you are feeling better. Allergies are horrible! I am at the end of this sinus infection, Thank God!