Sunday, June 29, 2008

I can say that as far as my memory serves me I've never know anyone personally who's been murdered, I can sadly no longer say that. I wasn't good friends with her, just an acquaintance. Chad went through a mandatory class with her (and many others) when he first got here. There was about 15 in the class. The last day of the class they go downtown, walk around touring, as well as ordering food (the soldiers have to), etc. Megan carried Jackson for us some, held Jacob's hand, and we all talked quite a bit. Back then she was still married, was looking forward to one day having a baby, but wasn't in a huge rush (3 yrs ago). Megan Touma Letter, Soldier Probed in GI's Death - AOL News. I just saw and talked to her a few weeks ago and when I saw her face on the internet my heart stopped. It's truly unreal. It's heart breaking to think that someone so young who was so close to bringing a baby into this world is gone.

I pray they catch the person who killed her and he serves his time. We all need to be in prayer for Megan's family as they grieve not only Megan but her baby as well.

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