Monday, June 9, 2008

Here I go!

Well my friend and I went to the gym today! We hired two sisters to watch between the two of us our 5 children and off to the gym we went! We worked out on the eliptical machine for 20 minutes with an additional 5 minutes of cool down, then went and did crunches, leg lifts, and various stretches. Then we walked home. We felt great, a little tired, really sweaty, but great because we both did it and together which was soooo much better than alone! We'll be going to the gym Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's for an  hour and then the other days we'll be going for at least 1 hour walks, if not longer! We're also going to be eating together a few times a week to help keep us on track.

I'm here to say that I'm a Pepsi drinker and it is absolutely my vice. I'm working on cutting back to eventually not be drinking it at all except on the RARE occasions we go out to eat. That's the goal, I'm not there yet, but will be hopefully by the time I go back to KS! So please pray for that one right now, it IS a struggle and a strong hold for me.

So here I go. I'm on the way to lose weight. I'm on the way to get healthy again. I had thought about writing about this in my old weight loss journal, but I just don't have it in me to keep track of another journal, so it'll be written here!


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