Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weight Loss Update

Well I went and weighed myself tonight, and at 9 PM it showed a 2 lb weight loss, I'll weigh myself in the morning and see what it says. When we go to the gym on Monday I'll weigh myself there, it's the "official" scale I'm using, but I'm thinking I've probably lost about 3 lbs when looking at tonight's time! I'm thrilled. It's coming and will come off.

We will be going to the gym on Monday's and Friday's at 9:30 am and on Wed. at 1:30 pm. Monday's and Friday's will be our cardio and Wed will be our Weights day(s). Tuesday of this week, we'll start serious walking too. Just off post we have some nice walking paths we're going to start walking, we're also going to walk to downtown. I need to get a pedometer. A friend (thanks Cindy) sent me a website for some very nice pedometers, so I need to get one ordered from there, so we know just how far we're walking. I think we're planning at min. to walk at least an hour if not longer. I'm all for walking 2 hours, just not sure how much the kids legs will be able to go. It'll be great for them though, they can ride their bikes, run, and play, just walk as well and burn that energy (another plus for me! LOL). I plan to push Emma in the stroller as well as take my Baby Bjorn, I know she gets tired of being in the stroller and just wants to be close to me at times, I figure either way it's extra weight and that's good, makes me work harder. I bought me some new shoes just to work out in at the gym and while in Czech bought some KSwiss that I'll be using just for our walking.

I will ask for a paritcular prayer request. The heals of my feet have just been killing me. My right one is the one that hurts the most, but the left can and does often hurt quite a bit and quite often. It hurts normally when I've been up and on them for an extended amount of time (walking straight for a couple hours, doing housework, etc). I am going to get a drs apt and just make sure everything is ok. Since moving here I've had some issue's with my feet and have just not went and seen a dr for them. I don't want my feet getting in the way of me losing weight, so if you'd pray that if there is an issue/problem it can be an easy fix. Thank you!

Today the kids and I walked down to the Commissary to pick up a few items for lunch and dinner. I am also proud to say that I skipped the desire to just go and get fast food today for lunch and ended up making it. It was definately not the "healthiest" thing I could have made, but it sounded good and I made it as healthy as I know how to. We had BLT's for lunch. I bought turkey bacon. It was my first time at trying it and it was really good! I had a GREAT tomato and cut them nice and thick and added a lot of lettuce, used whole wheat bread, so although the bacon was still fried, there was a SIGNIFICANTLY less amount of grease, I was honestly stunned at just how little grease there was. I made sure to dab off the grease as the bacon finished, so there wasn't any "extra" grease just sitting on it. I made chili for dinner. Had a medium size scoop of it, it was good and hit the spot. Drank a lot of water. I had 4 pepsi's today, definately my worst day with Pepsi. I found myself drinking 2 of them out of stress (just normal aggrevation with the boys cleaning up their room and me just grabbing the pepsi). I'd had a Pepsi with lunch and then one sitting here too. Tomorrow I'm back to my goal of 2. I did that already and can say I was very proud of myself for that and plan to get back to it. I can't fix what I did today, so I just have to do better tomorrow. I also have been up front with my friend who's working out with me on the Pepsi front, she's been very encouraging to me on the days I only had 2. I haven't talked to her today, but will see her at church tomorrow, so I'll tell her there.

Monday we actually have to make an adjustment to our gym time because we're going to an indoor water park and are supposed to leave post at 9 am. The group we'll be with their bus is heading back to post at 2 pm, so if that's the case we could go the gym at 3:30. I know this is completely uninteresting, it's more of me thinking outloud in my typing so I know what I need to do, etc.

Ok, so I'll let you know what my real weight is tomorrow! Oh I did eat breakfast today, and I'm planning on making breakfast in the morning for us before church. Breakfast has been something I've not done well with, and know how important it is. So I'm working and really making an effort to eat something at least for breakfast. I need to get some banana's, because at least on those mornings when I just simply don't feel like making breakfast and/or am short on time a banana is easy for me! I'm going to go to the Farmer's Market this week and get some more fresh fruits and veggies too, so we have plenty of foods to snack on.

Oh! Here's a big one too. We have a cabinet that's pretty well always been our "snack cabinet". It's always been FULL of various snacks. It's almost empty! I've made the effort to simply NOT refill it! I went through it and threw out a lot of stuff. I set stuff out to mail to Chad, then some things have just simply  been ate, but not replaced! I'm in no denial that we will have snacks here, moderation is absolutely key, but to not have 20 items to choose from and now have 3 or 4 things instead, is so awesome and just simply amazing to me! That's really been a big thing for me. At this point part of the cabinet has hot chocolate, popcorn (we do use the air popper, so it's not microwave junk) and there's also cake mixes and pudding mixes. The cake mixes are not ones I'd just make up, they're ones I have for special occasions so they're not ones I really "count" you could say. I do plan to make up pudding so when I  have a chocolate craving I can get a small bowl and satisfy it. When I go to the farmer's market, I plan to make up a fruit salad too, so I can just go the fridge and get a bowl of fruits and satisfy that sweet tooth in a much healthier way!

So, we're making changes!

Well I'm exhausted, it's time for bed.


Oh please keep Emma in your thoughts. She has a horrible rash down below. She's been dealing with diarreah today. She got her first two teeth in and I am sure the diarreah is from the excess drooling she's been doing. I let her nap today without a diaper and that helped a lot and I also used a natural remedy of breast milk (it really is a cure all!). I sprayed a little milk on her and with in 15 minutes there was a huge difference! But, she's still very red. Over all she has not been cranky consdiering, so I'm thankful for that. I just want HER to feel as good as she can!

Ok, I'm really off! Good night and GOD Bless

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