Saturday, June 21, 2008

6 mile hike

We went for a Hike today with the Hospitality House and went to these cool slide things, I'll find a link for the slides tomorrow. Tonight I'm EXHAUSTED. The walk was great, we walked up a mountain to Castle Ruins, had a picnic, walked around, took pictures, played, and then back down, then drove to where the slides are...that was fun, went to the fish pond, a fish bit my friend B as she was giving them bread (yes the teeth baring mean thing jumped up and BIT her!). Then we came home. We actually stopped at a BAD place McD's. Emma had had it. She screamed while I was in line ordering our food, screamed when I sat to try and nurse her, took her outside she screamed. So we packed up everything and came home. She was over stimulated and just needed the comforts of home. She was very happy and content once she nursed, napped, and then woke up and played for a bit, nursed again and went to bed. Lets hope she and all the boys sleep in (B's son is having a sleepover). Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the high 80's so we're going to the pool. When we get home from the pool we're cleaning. I won't be home much on Monday so it has to be done tomorrow evening.

Ok, I'm exhausted I'm going to bed.


God Bless

BTW I've lost 11 lbs so far!

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