Thursday, June 12, 2008

Czech here I come!!!

In the morning my friend B and I and our girls are going to Czech Republic to do some shopping!! It's about 1 1/2 hrs to Cheb (the city) that we're going to and will be hitting the Dragon Market! We're both so excited!!! I'm going to be buying purses and matching wallets for friends and a few family members and of course for myself! I can not wait!!!! Just 9 hours and we'll be leaving here, dropping our 3 boys off at another friends house, and then we're off for the day!

I had a good day. Founds some bargains at the thrift shop, Jacob got a new pair of jeans and jean shorts, I let the boys spend their allowance. Jack got a clay making machine, Jacob got a game, and I got Emma a Fisher Price toy that she can stand and play with or sit with, and I know I got a couple other things but I'm just drawing a blank right now. I also bought me some new tennis shoes, for me to work out in.

I'm definately feeling the results from the weight room today. Just a little soreness, I feel great though! Did good with the pepsi and snacking! I did have 3 pepsi's, so I went over by one, and hardly snacked at all. Had a healthy wrap for lunch today, and had a taco salad for dinner with B, it was home made.

The boys are spending the night with our downstairs neighbors again. It has been so quiet the last two nights. I do miss them and will miss them tomorrow. B's son wants Jacob to spend the night tomorrow, but it all depends on how they are tomorrow while at our friends. We'll just see.

Well, I'm off to bed once I update our deployment journal! (Link is on the left side).

I'll be taking my camera and taking pictures, will post them soon! :)

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