Friday, June 13, 2008

Tornado's, Flooding, and Shopping

I'm going to try to tackle all 3. For those who may or may not know, I'm from a small town in Kansas. Tornados are just something you get used to, well warnings and watches that is. I've heard tornado's and I am here to tell you they are absolutely frightening. Sadly the town where 3 of my cousins went to school and friends of mine live, a great deal of it was destroyed. Chapman, KS. Please be in prayer for the all who live there who've lost their homes, livelihood, and the one individual who was killed in this small Kansas town. Then even closer to my hometown, Soldier. It's not even on many maps, it's a blink of an eye kind of town. My dad's parents owned a farm outside of Soldier, so many friends who I grew up with live in or in the surrounding area of Soldier. One woman was killed in Soldier as well. Then my college, Kansas State. I saw the dorms I lived in on a website, tree's fallen all around. There were buildings damaged on the campus as well. The Kansas State University campus is one of the most beautiful, thankfully no one was killed. They were in another tornado watch or warning last night. It's Kansas, bad weather is just part of living there, but it doesn't mean it's any easier when you have to live through it, so please be in prayer for all who were effected in one way or another.

The flooding in Cedar Rapids is heartbreaking as well. One of my best friends from my childhood/high school, went to Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids. She now lives in Hawaii, but has so many, many friends who live there and a few of them have lost their homes because of the flooding. Let us be in prayer for all in Cedar Rapids.

Now onto "happier" things. We went to Czech today. We went to city of Czeb. It was fabulous! We managed to miss one of our exits, but still go there and once we did I started haggeling immediately! I got a pair of KSwiss tennis shoes for about $7.00! I bought 8 bags and 5 wallets, I paid no more than $35.00 for any, less than $20.00 for many, and almost all the wallets less than $5.00! I got 3 coach bags, 2 Louis Viottons, 1 Channel, 1 bag that I'll be using as a diaper bag, and one large over night bag (didn't take a picture of that one yet). I got one LV wallet and the rest were Coach. Coach was definately the most "common" bag there, they were honestly in all the booths that were selling bags. When I go back I'm going to get a Coach overnight bag, they were beautiful. We had a lot of fun. Lunch was great and CHEAP!!!!! We are looking forward to going back.

The kids had a great time with my friend. Just the boys and my friend B's son stayed with her, the girls went with us. The boys had so much fun. They walked about 5 miles today going to a farm, to a lake, down by the river, climbing the mountain, climbing dirt mounds, playing with her dogs, riding her dogs, etc. They just had a fabulous day and were very well behaved! (Thank you, Lord!!!) So it was truly a good day for all of us. Oh I also got my dad and my grandpa each a bird feeder, for the two of them total less than $40.00! They're really beautiful, so I'm excited for them to get them!!!

I'm adding pictures of the purses. We were not allowed to take pictures of the actual flea market, so no pictures of it but here's the link so go take a look! It was huge and we did not get to cover the whole market in the 3 hours we were there. But we were/are absolutely EXHAUSTED! I'm going to bed in a few minutes!!!

ASIA DRAGON BAZAR | Bargain Shopping Centre Cheb


God Bless


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