Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh What a Day!

The day was going along, then came lunch and I determined that without a doubt the dishwasher was down for the count. I called and got a work order. Of course because the works must have a 5 hr window to come and I already have things planned for tomorrow, they can't come until Thursday. I now have to empty the stinky dishes, wash them, and wait.

Then we're off with my friend B to walk up to the school and pick up her son. We were just about to cross the street (about a half a block from home) when I see a running Jacob drop. He manages to cross the street and tells me that it hurts with every step. I ask him how bad it hurts and he says "it's the worst pain I've EVER felt". So I tell B I'm taking Jacob to the clinic, she keeps Jack with her and off Jacob, Emma, and I go to the clinic. We amazing were able to get in, and Jacob sprained his knee. It was very swollen (twice the size at least). He wrapped it, put ice on it, and told him to stay off of it and keep it elevated...not an easy task for an ACTIVE 7 yr old boy or his Mom! It was accomplished though. While in the room with the NP, he says "so you know Jacob has a heart murmur, right". I said "no". (When he was born he had a slight one, did the normal tests and came back that it'd closed). He feels it's an innocent murmur and I personally can say I have complete peace about it. He did say that he does want to make SURE it's innocent and since no one has ever said anything in the last 7 yrs, we got a referral to a Pediatric Cardiologists and Jacob will have an ultrasound done on his heart to check things out and make sure all is ok.

While in there he asked if he had any issue's with his allergies and I told him he was, so he changed his allergy medicine and we're hoping this works. His teeth/gums had started hurting even with the meds he'd been on, so a change was necessary. One of his meds is a nasal spray, the other is a pill, and he said if they're really bothering him I can give him sudafed and also benedryl at night if necessary. I don't see me needing those last two, but knowing it's ok with the meds he's on to give him the others is nice to know we have more options in keeping him comfortable and pain free.

Oh and....Emma got her first tooth! It popped through. Top right (if looking at her) finally popped through. I'm trying to get as many gummy pictures in as possible since I know in the next few days that tooth will be shining through and more will come to follow. She's almost 10 1/2 months old, she is my oldest to get a tooth through. I will say she's not been that cranky and I'm VERY thankful for that for her most of all as well as me and well everyone else who has to be around her!

Jack's doing good. He's definately having the hardest time with Chad being gone. He's almost 5, understands just enough that his sweet little world has turned upside down and there's nothing he can do about it,  but cry and get mad and whine, pout, through temper tantrums that he isn't allowed to get away with (no matter what).

I did get to chat with Chad this evening, so he's all caught up in our family drama! Poor guy is over in Iraq sweating buckets and I know he feels totally helpless.

Any and all prayers are appreciated.


God Bless

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