Sunday, May 6, 2007


It's 12:52 am, and we're finally going to bed. Chad got the shoe closet gone through and boxed up shoes that we either are not wearing right now (winter boots), the boys have outgrown, etc. I'll go through them after my parents leave and either find someone to give them to (for Jackson's, I'll hold onto the ones Jacob outgrew for Jack in a year or two). I have the last 3 loads in the dryer wahoo!! Of course when the boys went to bed I re-explained how I will be bagging up their clothes left on the floor and Jackson, yes Jackson booked it and put the clothes into the dirty clothes hamper, sadly it's half way full! I'm sure quite a few of those clothes are clean, but pulled out of the closet and just left there so they need rewashed anyways. I'll get those washed tomorrow evening. Tuesday I'll be washing all the bedding. I've  been bad it's been I think 3 weeks since I washed bedding, I know, I know...ewww! I did get all the dry sweeping done, so in the morning I just need to vacuum and pick up the living room. Chad needs to bring up the laundry I have all folded that is in the basket in the laundry room, it was just way too heavy for me. I was bad today and carried down and up quite a few loads of laundry while Chad was doing other things. He was doing great and getting so much accomplished I didn't want to make him stop half way. We did talk tonight though. He said he really wants to step up and help me out more. He said if he notices I'm getting behind on laundry he is going to just take the inniative and help me. You guys have no idea what that means to me...seriously that's romance for me! I know sad huh?! LOL It's just extremely loving that he's offered this and I will be so impressed if he holds up this offer! He said he'll also help me more just around the house cleaning things up. By the time he gets home I'm normally pretty wiped out. I try to pick up here and there throughout the day, I try to make us a nice lunch, (he actually normally does breakfast), then home schooling Jacob and getting some playtime in with the boys and if it's nice we go outside, that's just mandatory it wears them out! :) Twice a week we have ball practice and Jacob has games on Friday evenings. I'm gone all morning on Wednesday's with PWOC and it seems at least one or two other times a week something else comes up in the morning. So often I come home and just collapse on the couch or the chair and look at my home and it's a mess! So if Chad does step up and help me more I know it'll be so much easier to just maintain a nice, clean home. I don't need spotless...heck I don't think I'd feel comfy that way honestly...but I want it presentable!

So....we're on our way there! Seriously even if I didn't get anything done in the morning I'd be ok with it. It's not bad and really the things we did today no one would hardly even notice. Our bedroom door as a habit is kept closed as is the boys bedroom. The kitchen definately looks better, I do really want to mop (well I have a swiffer wet jet that I use) it, there's one small sticky part on it. I got it swept though, dishes are all done, counters and stove all wiped down. Chad's taking the trash and recylcing out on his way to PT in the morning (well what he can get and then he'll take the rest out when he gets home from PT). Mostly just recylcing that needs to go out.

I know this is just a really boring entry, but it helps me to write it all out so I know what I have left to do in the morning. I'm setting my alarm for 7:30 in the morning. That will allow me to get the vacuuming and picking up done. The one thing that didn't get done that I REALLY wanted to get done was the other desk. I'm calling in the morning to schedule pick up, so if nothing else Chad will have to get it cleaned off in the morning or when he comes home at noon. It'd be great if they could pick it up tomorrow, but I am thinking Tuesday or even Wed. is more likely.

BTW, I'm totally worn out!

God Bless and Night


pixiedustnme said...

it is SO not a boring entry!  (LOL)  I can't believe he opened his mouth and said he'd help with laundry (which he should anyway since you shouldn't be carrying anything young lady!)  But you're right, I'll be impressed if he actually does it!

scotthlori said...

Hope you get some good rest!


jckfrstross said...

wow i am wore out reading all you got done :) enjoy your week


emabecmar said...

Oh my, now I need a nap. I'm tired just reading about all you have gotten done. Wow, your busy. I hope your taking some time and getting some rest. ((((((hugs)))))