Sunday, May 6, 2007

I hate Laundry, I hate laundry.......

Someone help me, oh please help me, I think I'm going to go crazyyyyyyyyyy! Ok so earlier I thought I put in the last of my laundry when my darling, wonderful, God-Fearing and now Christy-Fearing husband....pulled out a whole stinking LAUNDRY BAG of HIS dirty clothes. Now I ask you, how in the world this man had all those clothes on HIS side of the bed and still have so many clothes that I've been washing All stinking day? Easy, he has TOO many clothes, just like the boys!

Sadly I have put away only 2 loads of laundry and my feet are just killing me. Now granted I just went through the boys closet AGAIN for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, reorganized EVERYTHING. I also pulled out last summer's clothes that were on the top shelf to see what would fit who and what needs to be given away. I found quite a few things for both boys and tons of things to give to my friend if her son can fit them! I have 3 baskets sitting here in the dining room staring at me, screaming "put me away, put me away..." and my feet are pleading for a break. Since I'm pg, I'm listening to my feet. I have enough problems with them and my ankles swelling, so I'm taking a 5 or 10 minute break. The guys are almost done in the playroom and when I say this next line I truly mean it....PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!! Chad's in there helping them, because simply put he's being far nicer than me. He has been making them help him, but I have no doubt he'd done the majority of work. Jack tried to pull the "I'm tired" line, came into the bedroom while I was putting his clothes away and I kindly sent his little tired butt right back into that playroom, at least 75% of that mess is because of Jack, so he is NOT getting out of finishing. Jacob's pulled the load for far too long and I've allowed it and no more. That little boy's going to learn to either pick up his toys or he's going to lose them. Tomorrow evening when we get home from our meeting they're going to start working on their bedroom. It's really not that bad, but it does need picking up and Chad's going to pull the bunk beds down for my parents, so it's got to get cleaned up.

Oh Chad did a great job with our bedroom too! I do still need to go in there with a broom and my vacuum (I have hardwood floor and we laid a carpet down which fits under the bed and sticks out a little on each side, so I have to do both). It's too late to vacuum tonight so I'll get up in the morning in time to vacuum the living room, dining room, playroom and hopefully I can get our bedroom...if not I'll do it after Juli leaves.

Ok, well I better go get another basket of clothes put away. Oh I told Chad when we were done in the laundry room last time that the boys are getting a laundry basket in their bedroom and we'll have the hamper in the bathroom and if I catch ANY clothes on the floor they're going into a trash bag and I'll put them down in the storage room, when they run out of clothes they're earning them back. I'm really tired of finding clothes on the floor. So I'm going to CURE them! LOL Chad asked "me too" and I said YES, he said he promised to hit the hamper! LOL I told him if they can just get to the basket or hamper I could take them down myself every day or two and stay on top of me when I say I can really put laundry off, sometimes for almost 2 weeks and then I PAY! I'm tired of paying let me tell you! LOL So hopefully getting all of the laundry caught up and keeping it caught up in preperation for my parents arrival and of course their stay we'll get back into a good habit! Please seriously pray for me on this, laundry is truly my biggest weakness.


Ok off to finish putting these darn clothes away. (I'd seriously pay someone to do my laundry...from washing it to putting it away!)


happysunshien said...

lmao...something we SO have in common! lol....I HATE LAUNDRY!  HATE IT!! and even with my new washer and dryer?  I have 3 trash bags full and a laundry chute yeah i sometimes go two weeks without washing has  a LOT of underwear...lmao.....


emabecmar said...

Oh I hate laundry too. Jim does ours at the laundry mat. But when we move and I can use my own washer and dryer again, I'll be back to doing the laundry again. Have a good day. ((((hugs)))))