Saturday, May 12, 2007

Day Is Done

I have an old Girl Scout song in my head that starts with "Day is done, gone the sun" I can't remember the whole song, but there are parts I remember and I definately remember the tune! day is done and I'm going to bed here in just a few minutes.

First thing first my friend Emily is graduating college today. Well technically she's walking across the stage today, she'll officially graduate in August as she has I believe it's 1 class that she has to take this summer. I can't remember all the details as it's been months since we talked about it, but I believe either the class was not offered this past semester or just wouldn't work with her schedule. Either way she's walking across that stage today, or did walk across it this afternoon! I'm truly so proud of her. She's the momma of soon to be 3, she's pregnant and due in late July and has 2 beautiful, busy little girls. She's been a stay at home mom, child care provider over the last 2 years, wife, daughter, friend. She did her internship the last 5 or 6 months and finished I think it was a week ago with that, she did that at her church. She's most importantly a woman after God's heart. She loves Jesus and wants to do his will. He's definately showed her opportunities, whether those opportunities were to just see if she'd obey him that's still to be seen, but he's using her! Anyways...I'm so proud of my precious friend Emily and if you get a chance go by her blog and tell her congrats....job well done!  Emily-Really Living

So today I didn't do a lot. I matched and folded socks. I hate socks. Now I really hate doing laundry in general, but the topper of all of it is of course those stinking socks! I had a full basket of the darn things. I'm done. I need to put mine and Chad's away and there's tons of the boys that are too small for them. I'm actually thinking I'm just going to take them down to the recycling center. They're all still in good condition. They have someone(s) go through all the clothing and they take them to local orphanage and woman's shelter. So at least they'll be used and I'm sure needed. I couldn't believe how many socks we have. I need to go through mine and Chad's as well and get rid of some. For a few years I've felt like I never had socks. I think it's because I've just not matched them up! LOL Since moving here I have made quite a collection of cute socks actually which is nice since I've never really hadany. Just basic white, normally a pair or two of khaki, brown, and black ones. Now I have some really cute ones, multi-colored, cute designs, etc. I still have to have some basic white ones, but not as many! ;) Chad has always had a ton of socks. I just seem to buy him socks and underwear, especially during deployments when the man's not even home to wear them! Now I'll send the underwear down range, but not the socks since he can't wear white ones.

Chad did go and get things done though that needed to be done. He went out to take the van and go change the oil at the craft shop here on post (him changing it) and when he went out there noticed I had a flat. I'd noticed the other day there was an air bubble in one of my tires and I mentioned it to Chad and he said he'd take care of it. We haven't been driving my van since we got the free car and have been driving it around so not sure if it just went flat in the last couple or days or if it's been flat for a week. The last time it was driven was by Chad when he went and picked up the table, and he would have obviously noticed if the tire was flat! So anyways, off he went to the car care center to buy a tire and of course they don't have the tire we need on hand, so he went into town/on the economy and bought one. A little more expensive but well beggars can't be choosers and he bought it. He has a soldier who has 4 new tires that he wants to sell for $100.00 (total) he just has to get into his storage room, where he put them, downtown at his I believe ex-girlfriends. Chad says they're still friends, who knows that's more drama than I care to know or deal with. I told Chad if he can get the tires great if not each month we'll just go in and buy a new tire. At this point we just need two more tires. None of the tires are bad (well not now) but they are wearing down so it'd be good to have new tires. I had to buy a new tire last fall when a guy ran be off the road and my back right side tire blew. It would be good to have 4 new ones and then we'd have 2 just on hand. We have a donut as a spare that's under my van. I told Chad if we get the extra tires I'd prefer to obviously have him if possible put the regular tire under there and we just store the donut. They're not the worst things and hey if you have a flat at least you have something, but better to have the real, full size thing!

So...Chad got the tire took the van, changed the tire and the oil. He let one of the Chaplain assistants borrowour spare car to go get grocery's. She didn't bring it back so Chad went and found her at the CAC (Community Activities Center), the car has our car seats in it for the boys. He was annoyed with her, she'd had the car for almost 3 hrs! He told her that if she couldn't be considerate of other people's property then she needs to think twice about borrowing things. I am surprised he said this to her, that's not his way, mine yes, but not his. He's usually the ultimate nice guy who at times gets walked on. He said he just couldn't believe she was so inconsiderate. I am sure that when he said it he still said it nicely, but he said she definately understood and that she apologized for being inconsiderate.

I made a nice dinner tonight. We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas. Chad walked in the door after doing all that work and said "this is what I love walking in and smelling. It smells great!" It was nice to be appreciated for a meal I worked hard on! I don't always enjoy cooking, but there are times when I do. Tonight was one of them. It's nice to make a nice meal for my family. The boys can be hit or miss sometimes with meatloaf. Mine is NEVER dry. My mom taught me how to make a meatloaf right! They're also both not too big on mashed potatoes, and hit or miss on peas. Well tonight Chad had 2nds, Jacob had 2nds on everything but peas, and Jack had 2nds on meatloaf. They all were raving over how good it tasted. I made raspberry lemonaide too. Of course I'm paying for the drink now, heart burn big time. I was full after one plate (the baby is definately taking up room, which is a GOOD thing!). We have no left overs. I don't mind that though, I'm not a huge fan of left overs, other than a few certain things. After dinner I had to relax on the couch because I was stuffed. The boys went into our bedroom (all 3 of them! LOL) and played Playstation 2. I got up and cleaned up the kitchen. I will need to sweep and mop it tomorrow, it'll just be along with the rest of the house though. I've done a good job at making sure the house over all has stayed clean. The boys have done such an awesome job at picking up their toys with NO fits!! Jacob normally doesn't throw one, but Jack does at times. Jacob picked up his toys before he went outside to play and I told Jack if he wanted to go out he just had to pick up his toys, he complaints! So off they went to play with daddy until dinner was done! :)

So anyways they played on the game for about 30minutes and I had them get into the shower, because they were dirty little messes! They got out of the shower and back in with Daddy they went...they all 3 fell asleep playing that stupid game! LOL Chad woke up and carried them both to bed! They're all 3 fast asleep now.

I told Jacob today that tomorrow they will be going to bed EARLY. We have to be up about 4:30 am Monday morning to go get my parents, so I'd like them to get as much sleep as possible. So Jack will prob. just miss out on his nap. We have a list of things we want to get done tomorrow (ha ha on resting on Mother's Day!). Most of it shouldn't take long. I will throw the laundry in. I have 2 dvd stands I'm taking down to our storage room (we're going to put them in a yard sale), and I'm going to take my Gazelle (work out machine) down there as well, or Chad will. He has a few things he wants to take down there. I need to vacuum my bedroom and sweep the floor (we just have a carpet in there that goes under our bed and sticks out a little on each side. Then just do some organizing the dressers, my night stand, my desk is a mess. Chad is going to go fill up the gas tank on my van and put the boys car/booster seats in the van. Jacob's going to take out the recycling and we should be good! Then we can relax. I'm going to request Chad make Goulash, Fried Potatoes (yep fried..gasp I know), and corn bread for dinner, oh and probably peas (love them!). We're going to be eating out quite a bit while my parents are here (just for the fact that we're going to be traveling so much!!). Oh shoot and we need to go to the commissary tommorrow and get my parents their coffee. I can't forget that! Chad and I don't drink coffee so we don't keep it on hand.

I'm thinking maybe I might take a nice warm bath tomorrow evening once we're all done and then tuck myself into bed.

Monday morning we'll get up, get dressed, then stop at the bakery. I'm going to grab us some brotchen and pretzels and off we go. Oh I need to have Chad pick up some bottles of water tomorrow too when he's getting gas for our drive and also at least one bottle each for my parents. Germany you find mostly "bubbly water" (carbonated) at gas stations, etc...which to me is YUCK and I know my parents don't like it.

I don't expect I'll have much if any time on here tomorrow and don't expect to see me on here until maybe Thursday which we'll get back from Salzburg Wed evening or night and be home Thursday then Friday we're off to The Netherland's! I'm so excited about going there!!!

My mom and dad are so excited. Last night they took my  nieces out to Taco Bell (my 5 yr old nieces request) they are my brother's little girls. Mom took pictures of them as well especially for me. Today mom was going to go up to their house (my brother and his wife built a house on my parents land, so they live about 1/4 of a mile from them). My brother has our dogs so I asked mom to take a picture of BJ and Brittany too. Man we miss them. In the morning they're heading to my Grandpa's (mom's dad) and his wonderful wife's house (really she's wonderful...we all adore her!) they have our cat, Cassie. I asked her to take a picture of her too. Cassie spends a great amount of her time outside, but Nona (grandma) said she'll try to get her to come inside tomorrow so mom can get pictures of her as well. I should have told mom to take pictures of my grandpa and grandma too. We miss our cat as well and we really miss my grandpa and his wife.

My grandpa was stationed in Germany 50 some years ago. He was in Kitzigen. It's about an hour or so away from where we're at. He actually said he spent a great amount of time in the city where we're stationed at. I love that I know I walk some the same streets he used to walk. I adore my grandpa. He's just the most wonderful man and wish so much he'd come to visit. He said he did  his time in Germany. I know it was a much different place then. It was past WWII, but not much past so I am not sure what sort of memories he has of over here, but I think some of them must be hard because he doesn't talk a lot about them. I know one of his memories is that his Daddy died while he was stationed here and the Red Cross did not deliver the message to him in time for him to even make the funeral. To this dad when he talks about his dad, he calls him Daddy. Grandpa was the only son out of 5 children. So I think that might be some of his sadness over Germany and maybe why he doesn't want to visit. He of course hates the Red Cross and well we had a horrible experience with them as well when Jordyn died (they wouldn't help Chad get home to me when she died, he was in Ohio for his Grandpa's funeral and they were rude and wouldn't do a thing for him until they opened up at 9 am...Jordyn died at 5 am) so our family is NOT a supporter of Red Cross and they'll never get a penny of our money. Anyways....Grandpa and Grandma will be taking my parents to the airport. They live about 30 minutes or so from KCI so it's nice that my parents can leave their car at Grandpa's safe and sound, and have a warm drop off and warm welcome home when they return.

Well, it's almost 12:30 am and I'm so wiped out, my back is killing me.

Oh you all will be happy to know I really did not out do myself today. Just cooking and folding socks, oh and cleaning up the kitchen. I even laid down for a while in bed, while Jack was napping and let Jacob play on the playstation (it's in our bedroom so it's not a focal point in our family's only allowed on Saturday's). I didn't actually get to sleep, but just laying there and resting felt so good. I was wiped out all day and evening though. I know it's pregnancy and everything we got done this last week! It was well worth it though. Tomorrow will not be all that restful during the day. When we get home from church, we'll prob. just have sandwiches and start cleaning and organizing the last bit and hopefully by 4 or 5 we'll be done and I can rest, Chad can make dinner, and get the boys to bed by 7 is my goal! It's an hour and a half earlier than normal. I want them to take a nice warm bath too. I think I'll put some oatmeal in their bath and I have some lavender and hopefully that'll relax them. No toys in the bath. Then read them a story or two.

Good night...have a wonderful Mother's Day to all of you who are Mother's, call your Mother's if you can, and just have a nice Sunday praising GOD for HIS DAY!!!



hsauls said...

Day is done... gone the sun... from the lake from the hills from the sky... all is well, safely rest... God is nigh...
that's the song you're thinking of!

mumma4evr said...

hope you are in bed....and I make the world's worst meatloaf!!!  always searching for a good recipe!

newhope03 said...

Have I told you lately that I love you??? :)

jckfrstross said...

wow you did a lot today:) rest tomorrow and soon your parents will be there and i am sure having a wonderful time:) Happy Mothers Day!!!!


janid731 said...

You're a busy lady! :)  Hope you get rest today.  I understand about the socks...I always wait as long as I can to match the darn things and usually we just end up matching them as we need them right before we run out the door! :)

Have a great time with your parents!