Thursday, May 10, 2007


My parents are coming to visit us, they'll be arriving Monday morning. They sent their passports in, in Feb. All they had to do was have them renewed, which is a much faster process than if you're getting one for the first time. Well they still have not arrived.

I'm the queen of procrastination, but well my mom who normally isn't, has been on this and it's driving me crazy. She's one who's willing to just let people do their job you could say and no question, but sit at home and gripe about it. She called a couple weeks ago and they were processing and the guy she talked to said "don't worry they'll be there on time" and told her if she hadn't recieved them by yesterday to she waited until yesterday and called. Now I would have been calling last week personally. I'm just simply not that patient when it comes to something this important. Their tickets are NON REFUNDABLE and if they don't have their passports they can not come. So Mom called yesterday and they told her they were going to be sent out yesterday priority mail and they should arrive either today or tomorrow. They told her she could call last night to check on them, she didn't. She waited until this morning and she got told they hadn't went out yet! AHHHHHHHHH The lady she talked to said "they'll go out Fed Ex today no later than 5 pm)...sorry but I don't trust them. She said the lady gave her the Fex Ex no. and a tracking no. so she can keep track of where they're at. Fed Ex does deliver on Saturday's but this is simply rediculous. They mailed their passports in more than enough time to have recieved them back in plenty of time. They've lied to my mom and that does not sit well with me at all. If they'd tell me anything I'd call them, but I'm sure they wouldn't tell me anything.

I've been completely nagging my mom about the passports as well and will definately be sending her IM's today and tomorrow to make sure she's called Fed Ex and to make sure she stays on top of them to get them to her in time.

I'm starting to get stressed out by all of this. It's rediculous. Their flight leaves Sunday afternoon!


So please pray for peace for me. I really do KNOW this is all in God's control. I do, it's my human side coming out for sure!!! Please pray that Fed Ex will pick up those passports before noon today and get them to Kansas ASAP! Honestly my request is that by tomorrow afternoon my mom has her and my dad's passports in her hands.

Prayers that Chad and I get everything done we want to get done in the next 4 days. I am about to go put up all the folded laundry I have in my room. I'm washing all my bedding right now. I was going to wash the boys bedding, but decided to just wait until Sunday to do that. It'll be simple and just one of those small things to do.

Chad's got a 3 day weekend this weekend, so he'll be home tomorrow all day! We can get our bedroom and the boys bedroom done tomorrow and Saturday. Our room is almost done to where I want it to be and the boys room there's not much to do. The biggest thing is getting the top bunk down and placing them the way we want. They'll be side by side at least for now. Not sure if we'll stack them back up once my parents leave or not. I won't really be able to help Chad taking them down or stacking them the way it is, so I'm thinking we'll prob. leave them as seperate beds for the next few months at least until after the baby is born.

Oh Jackson's supposed to have his 1st game tonight. He plays instructional tball. It's been raining here for the last couple days and it looks like it could start raining any moment. So we'll just see!

Ok...I'm off to start putting clothes, fun, fun.


ukgal36 said...

Aww hunny I can imagine how anxious you must feel!! the problem with passports is that countries that never required them before are now require them..places like the carribean and the islands...imagine all the honey mooners etc that had to get passports in a rush.. I pray that by the end of the day your Mum has passport in hand...
i can tell you are excited too..i so know how you feel..i loved it when my parents came to visit....

happysunshien said...

I can just imagine!  I would have been freaking out already!  Let us know what happens!


mikalsgrl said...

((((( christy)))))

Try to take it easy and I hope the passports get there in time!! Todd tends to put things off too.

sangrialel said...

I will be praying!!  Linda

deshelestraci said...

They will get there!  I know it is stressful waiting though.

mumma4evr said...

praying your laundry gets put away...because mine is still sititng on my table and my Dad and his wife are leaving their hotel and on their way over here ...and I am on my compter...I am such a slob!!!!

fairylaura said...

Aww I hope they get their passports!! I'll be praying!


chevyz71gurl74 said...

Hoping everything goes smoothly!
Enjoy the visit with your parents

jckfrstross said...

praying all works out ok:)


ksgal3133 said...

Many prayers!
We applied for a passport for Caitlin in January and didn't get it until the end of last month. They said there is a delay for all passports due to people needing them to get in and out of canada and mexico now.