Sunday, May 6, 2007

Little break from the cleaning

We're in a day-long cleaning/organizing spree. Yippee. Anyone who REALLY knows me knows how much I HATE cleaning. It often feels like an unending chore. I've been doing laundry all day and I know I have washers waiting for me and just calling my name with more to go in! I've gotten the bathroom literally scrubbed from top to bottom, too many loads of laundry washed, dried, and folded. Chad's working on our bedroom and the boys are supposedly working on their playroom, if they don't get it done what ever is undone goes to the trash. I'm so sick of them leaving everything out constantly. I'm about to move a little book shelf out into the stairwell and we're going to keep the shoes we wear the most on it so then hopefully other than company no shoes will even be brought inside to spread dirt and most of all SAND from the playrground! Chad still needs to clean off the other desk that we have on loan from the government. I'm calling them tomorrow to come and pick it up. I am calling Tuesday to make an apt for Thursday to take our dining room table, coffee table, and 7 foot cario cabinet to the thrift shop since they're now selling furniture! We bought a new table that seats 7 to 8 people vs the one we have now that seats 4 comfortably, 6 squished!

This week is going to be busy. We will be cleaning throughout the week, keeping everything looking nice. A week from today my parents will be boarding their flight to come here and a week from tomorrow morning they'll be landing! It'll be nice to have them here I just really want things as nice and clean and organized as possible by the time they get here.

Tomorrow morning my friend Aimee is bringing her youngest over and then at 1 I go get her oldest (he goes to school at a German elementary school) and at 9:30 my friend Juli is coming over. She's the new President for PWOC and we're going to talk about our plans, goals, and prayers for the next year of PWOC. I just adore Juli, she's such an amazing woman. God's blessed me with Aimee and Juli. Two truly Godly women who I just love with all my heart. They have their weaknesses and are willing to show and share them.

Ok enough procrastinating I need to get back to cleaning. Oh I have dinner cooking too! We're just going simple..Taco's and burrito's for dinner. Chad still needs to take the fliers he made for Spring Clean up which is tomorrow to everyone who lives in our building since he's the building coordinator. Fun times, fun times! Oh tomorrow afternoon after Aimee's boys leave I am going to go meet with Chad's Co. commander too. Thankfully Chad will be home around 12 or 1 for clean up so he'll be helping with that fun stuff and then we can get some cleaning done before we have a meeting at the chapel tomorrow, for everyone who volunteer's with children's church. I wish if parents were going to send their children back there, they'd step up to the plate and help out. If every single parent helped out here and there no one would have to do it more than every 4 or 5 months with the amount of children we have! Of course they don't though so it's the same ones of us every 4 or so weeks. It's sad, they're missing out on seeing with their own eyes how much their children are learning about Jesus.


sangrialel said...

we are doing all our spring cleaning too!  I don't like it either!  Linda

pixiedustnme said...

come do my house next!  :-D

bhbner2him said...

Laudry is a plague!  Children's church is a garruanteed blessing!  ;o)  -  Barbara

jckfrstross said...

my laundry grows at night here lol i know what you mean about the kids we have no one who wants to help and i mean really help we have one woman who wants to be in front of the kids singing because she wants the attention. need to say we don't have her help out anymore lol good luck with cleaning


emabecmar said...

I have been doing alot of spring cleaning also. It seems like it's never ending here in this apartment. I guess cause it's small and just a little mess looks like a mountain of a mess. I have a small bookshelf in my hall that we use for shoes, otherwise we'd be falling over them. I am trying to get caught up on alerts today. I have over 130 of them. Hope your wednesday is a good one. (((hugs)))))