Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I got home yesterday about 2 pm and was wiped out. A few people said how they envied me for a relaxing weekend with no kids, or how they wished they could have a retreat. Ok so I need to say this, this was NOT a retreat. It was TRAINING and our days were literally full from aprox 8 am until 9 pm every single day we were gone.

We arrived in Willengen about 4 pm, got our room keys, unpacked, freshened up and then went right down to dinner, immediately after dinner we had our first General Session. We had Pamela Heim Hoover as our speaker for the weekend and she was absolutely Amazing. After that we went to the bookstore. Landstuhl (yes the Army hospital) has a book store and they brought down all their Christian books, I bought 2 books. I am hoping over the summer I'll have some time to read them!

Saturday we were up at 7:30, headed down for breakfast and at 9 am our classes started. We then had free time from 10:30-Noon. I stayed in my room and one of the other ladies from our group came over and we sat on the balconey and talked and got to know each other better. Then it was down to lunch. After that we had our 2nd General Sesssion, that was for 2 hrs and I really struggled to stay awake since it was right after lunch, the room was warm, I'm pregnant, and was well exhausted after the day before driving 4 hours, getting to sleep at about 1 am  and up at 7:30! After the general session we had 30 minute break and then off to our next class which lasted 1 1/2 hrs (all the classes were 1 1/2 hrs). Then dinner, then we had our next General Sesssion, then we broke up into area's and we had to make up an area cheer, then we all got together in our board president's room and had bonding time. We did a lot of laughing, sharing, etc. It was really wonderful. My roommate and I got to sleep about 1:30 am. We were up bright and early. I woke up about 7:15 am, took a shower, then we were off to breakfast by 8 am. We then had our next General Session as well as Communion and Offering/Donations which went this year to Cadence International. We gave over $12,000.00!!! Not too shabby for less than 400 women! After that we had our 1 1/2 hr free time, my room mate and I were exhausted and decided we'd both take a nap. Sunday was also Chad's birthday (Happy belated birthday to my hubby), so I called him and wished him a Happy birthday and the boys. I had bought him gifts from the boys and I on Thursday and Jacob and Jack gave him his gifts when they gotup in the morning!! After our way too short nap, we headed down to lunch, then off to class. We had 2 classes in a row, then dinner, then from 7-9 pm we had our last General Session. After that we all got together again in our Presidents room, we played a game, shared and laughed until our sides hurt. My roommate and I talked until 2 am :X and then were up at 7:30! We got up, packed our bags, headed to breakfast, came back up, grabbed our bags, checked out, and got on the road. We had a great drive back. It was full of more laughter and sharing.

It was a wonderful weekend, with very little rest, a lot of time with God, a great deal of time sharing and getting to know each other better.


This morning we then had our final board meeting with our old board (which I'm also part of) and this meeting allowed all the new members to see what our monthly board meetings are about.

I called and talked to Chad and the boys every evening. They had a great weekend without old mom. Friday Jacob has his tball game and they played at the park and went and ate at Charley's. Saturday they went to Palm Beach water park all day and evening, Sunday was church, a bbq, then the Awana party that was successful and a lot of fun. Monday Chad rearranged the dining room and cleaned up some for me, the kitchen did have a sink full of dishes but the trash and recylcing were taken out so that's a plus! He also swept the bathroom floor too!! This evening Jack has tball practice and we have to get some laundry done!

Oh tomorrow we get our new entertainment center!! It's an armour and has a china cabinet attached on each side! Once it's here and everything's placed in it I'll take a picture of it. I can't wait for our living room furniture to be made and delivered either! That's still about 4-6 weeks away though, as it takes aprox 10 weeks to make and deliver it. :(

Oh and on a side note.....my parents will be here in exactly 2 weeks from today! I'm excited, it's been almost 2 yrs since we saw them, when we moved here so it'll be nice to see them!


God Bless


deshelestraci said...

Wow.  That schedule sounds downright gruelling!  Glad it was fun though!

emabecmar said...

wow, i am tired just reading how much you had to do. wow, and your being pregnant too. your a strong woman for sure. your entertainment center sounds awesome. i can't wait to see it. my emma finds out at 4pm today what she is having. boy or girl i am going to spoil it just like i do my other 2 grandbabies, lol. welcome home, now get some rest. (((((((((hugs)))))))))

randlprysock said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!  And now your parents are coming!  That will be so nice for you and your family!  Hugs,

pixiedustnme said...

I am so glad the training went well - I'm sure it must've been hard to be gone for so long but at least you were busy enough not to feel it most of the time.  And look at you - excited to see your parents!  I'll talk to you in 2 weeks and 3 days and see how you feel then ;-)

jckfrstross said...

wow sounds like a full weekend:) have a good week


stupidsheetguy said...

Lots and lots going on for you the last few days. Now power up and recharge for the visit in two weeks. Gotta show your folks your best!


linnpooh said...

Wow, sounds like the training went well and that you were busy!! Now you have a full week ahead with the exciting news that your parents are coming. Don't over do sweetie!

Pooh Hugs,

ksgal3133 said...

Welcome home, I'm glad training went well :)
Thats great news that your parents are coming to visit!


ukgal36 said...

That'll be nice seeing your folks..
gosh i sounded so american then! LOL

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Can't wait to see your new entertainment center!
Hope you have a wonderful time visiting with your parents....wow 2 years...they will be so happy to see you all!