Thursday, May 10, 2007


Still no passports. It's about 4 in Kansas now and I haven't heard from my mom since we left for Jack's tball game. The last time I chatted with her my annoyance came through. I know she's limited on her end and I have absolutely no control on mine. It's just frustrating. I know with all the new regulations on needing a passport to go anywhere outside of the US has brought in a new back log on this process, but seroiusly it's just rediculous. Since all they had to do was renew they should have had their passports back almost 2 months ago, so yes to say I'm annoyed is putting it lightly. I'm sure they're over worked and understaffed which again annoys me. They obviously should have hired way more people since they're requiring passports every where now.

On other news...Jack had his first game tonight. He's 3 yrs old and the bracket he's in is for 3-5 yr can guess how amusing that was! The girls slow pitch was practicing when we first started and when they were done some came over and were ewwing and awwwing over our sweeties! They were so cute and soooo funny! It was truly a crack up to watch. They'd hit the ball and then go after the ball and hand it to who ever was at the base they decided to run to! LOL I ran the bases with Jackson and let me tell you, pregnant women have no business running the bases with 3 yr olds! All the kids had a good time and all were excited for their snacks! LOL

We came home and since I was exhausted before the game I was completely worn out and honestly not sure what the heck I'm doing still up! Oh I did get all my bedding washed today and the bed is now remade! I have 2 more baskets of clothes to put away tomorrow, which of course I have a basket of dirty clothes now too that I'll wash tomorrow so it'll end up 3 total. I do plan on getting the 2 sitting in our room put up in the morning.

Chad was supposed to have a 3 day weekend, but it'll be more like a 1/2 day because he has to go to Graf and drop off something, for work. I am annoyed about it, but it is what it is and I can't do anything about it. I'm going to try to have all the floors swept, vacuumed, and mopped by the time Chad gets home. The boys have been doing a great job keeping the playroom cleaned up and today got a good amount of their bedroom cleaned up. Tonight I told them they will not be doing anything until their bedroom is clean tomorrow. I said they can eat breakfast, go to the restroom, brush their teeth, but then it's cleaning time and if they come out for anything or I catch them playing they're in trouble. (Well they'll be able to come out and put toys away that are to be in the playroom or put books on the book shelf. Really there's not much more than 30 minutes of work for THEM to do if they do it. I could easily go in there and be done with it in about 10 or 15 minutes, but well I work faster! LOL This is THEIR job and they will do it!). I'm planning on getting stuff done in our bedroom, mostly it's just some heavy items that Chad needs to take to our storage room, then I can vacuum and sweep in there and it'll be done.

My GOAL is to have our rooms nice enough that I don't have to close them when company comes over. Oh yes my friends...I'm one of those "my bedroom is my DIRTY little secret" LOL and half the time the boys room too. I told the boys and Chad that I am not going to let this happen anymore, the doors will be staying open from here on out. There's just no reason for this.

It's just as much my fault as it is theirs. I've allowed it to happen and did enforce the rules. I'm a pretty strict mom the way it is, and this is one area that I'm going to be strict on as well.

I know a few of you have commented about it being spring cleaning or me it's not either of them. This is preparing for my parents plain and simple. I've NEVER nested with ANY of my children. EVER! Not the way some women do. I also never "spring clean" like some do either. In all honesty I'd love to just hire a maid to come in every day and clean up after ME! Most of all laundry..all of it the washing, drying, folding, and putting it away. I hate everything about laundry. But that's not going to happen so I am just going to have to buck up and stay on top of it. It is nice to not have a huge pile of it just luming at me, screaming "wash me" or "put me away". Well I do still have 2 laundry baskets to put away, but hey it's not the 5 that I did have!!! My goal is to keep the loads small enough that I can carry them up and down myself without having to wait on Chad! I have a small basket that I have the dirty load in right now and it's just the right size. It's 3 days worth of dirty clothes for all 4 of us, and so it's not that heavy, the basket is small and easy for me to carry. Please be in prayer for me over this, yes I'm serious prayer over this. If you understood just how much I dispise laundry you'd be down on your knee's right now.

Ok now onto something else. My pregnancy. It's going well. She moves all the time. We're playing around with a few names. I am really liking one name in particular right now and Chad likes it, but he's not feeling it quite as strongly as I am. I'm not 100% set on it, just about 85 % loving it. I won't be sharing so don't ask! Chad has a couple names he keeps throwing out there. It's funny the name I'm loving he really liked with Jackson and the name he's loving I really liked with Jackson...before we knew Jack was a boy! LOL So it'll be interesting on what we decide on. On other things with the pregnancy I've been dealing with itchy skin, around my shin area and ankle and top of my foot, especially on my right leg/foot. I actually have a nasty scar on my leg from all the scratching (did that in my sleep mostly). My left leg will itch at times, but as often or as severe as my right leg. I have some body cream that I have Chad put on it and that does help. I've also got to the point where I'm making Chad scratch/rub where I'm itching so I don't cause anymore damage to my skin! I can't wear very many of my socks because my ankels and legs swell up some when I do, so I'm pretty well living in sandels and well I need some new ones with more support and that are more comfortable for long amounts of walking. Hopefully I can find something I like and that meets the criteria's I have! I have had some minor heartburn, but it's not like it was which is nice. This little girl is like her sister and loves to stick her foot up under my left rib and set it right on the nerve under it. It drives me batty and I find myself pushing trying to move her foot. Thankfully hers is not stuck like Jordyn's was and she will move it if I annoy her enough! She's head down and has been for quite a while. She could obvious still flip around, but it really doesn't matter for me since I'll have a c-section. I'm also over 6 months along! I'm almost into my 3rd trimester too! The pregnancy is going by rather quickly. I can't believe it's May and I'm due in mid August! I'm sure as the heat returns and I get bigger and bigger it's not going to feel like the time is going by so quickly but right now I'm having a really lovely 2nd trimester!

One really great thing about this pregnancy is that I've been going to bed much earlier! Tonight I'm up later than most nights. I am going to bed soon though! So if you're praying for me to have sleep, thank you! It seems to be working!

Well I guess that's it! Good night and God Bless



happysunshien said...

I cannot believe that you are due in Mid August! it seems to be going so fast!Yep I am a "close my bedroom door when company comes" girl

No wonder we get along so well! :)

Thinking about you!


jckfrstross said...

have a good friday:)


chevyz71gurl74 said...

We use to close the doors to the bedrooms all the time when company came over, but we finally had enough and decided there will no longer be a junk room, which is now our guest bedroom as well as computer room...and the other 2 bedrooms...we keep clean as well... it's mind over matter... I got so sick of looking at my clutter...HAHA!  I'm fixing to start going through everything closets, drawers, get ready to have a garage sale... I have so much crap it's unreal.  
So i don't guess you would want to apply for my job ehh..?  I am a Laundry Aide for a local hospital, we do 10,000 pounds of linen a needless to say when i come home last thing i want to see is laundry...HAHA!  Thankfully my husband is great about cleaning....and does the laundry and i put it away!  I hope you hear from your parents soon.  Wow i can't believe you are already 6 months along!   August 6th sounds like a wonderful day(my bday)...hehe

emabecmar said...

when i was pregnant with rebecca my doctor had me lay down 3 times a day for 30 minutes each time with legs elevated high enough to wear they were above my heart level. he said swelling in pregnant women can cause poor circulation and even blood clots, cause if your sitting your belly is laying on lap cutting off circulation also, so bringing the legs up above heart helps the blood pump evenly and reduces swelling. I swelled so bad, i couldn't wear my own shoes, i had to wear hubby's bedroom slippers. I hope you get a good nights sleep. ((((hugs)))))

pixiedustnme said...

if you aren't going to tell us any names then you better just shut up about it already!

deshelestraci said...

I'm hoping for your parents to get their passports this evening.  Speaking of housework, Emma vacuumed for me today!  She did an ok job.  I was just thrilled she was willing!

lifesabench6 said...

I'm glad you're both doing well Christy- As you describe it, it brings back my memories too- mainly when I was huge and couldn't sleep laying down anymore- had to spend the last 2 months sleeping sitting up because he rested so much up in my ribs (it felt like) that I was having a hard time breathing.  Still as uncomfortable as it was, I loved every second of it!  I also know the passport nightmare too- I'm having to get a new Canadian one as my old one expired about a year after I moved to the States.  After I get mine, we'll have to start saving up to get the boys theirs too.  Oh what a pain beurocracies (SP!?) are!!!  Anyways- don't wrk too hard- the laundry can wait a little!  Take it easy and God Bless! Carolyn :

ksgal3133 said...

I'm the same way with our bedroom but this weekend we are cleaning and going to do all the carpets so no more of that :) The rest of the house is fine it just seems our room gets to be the dumping ground and I'm tired of it.
It sounds like your pregnancy is going well. Many prayers!