Thursday, November 4, 2004

A poem to share

Send the Children to Bed With a Kiss
(author unknown)

Oh, mothers, so weary, discouraged,
Worn out with the cares of the day,
You often grow cross and impatient,
Complain of the noise and the play.
For the day brings many vexations,
So many things go amiss.
But, mothers, whatever may vex you,
Send the children to bed with a kiss.

The dear little feet often wander,
Perhaps from the pathways of right.
The dear little hands find new mischief
To try you from morning 'til night.
But think of the desolate mothers
Who'd give all the world for your bliss.
And as thanks for your infinite blessings,
Send the children to bed with a kiss.

For someday their noise will not vex you.
The silence will hurt you far more.
You will long for the sweet childish voices,
For a sweet childish face at the door.
And to press a child's face to your bosom,
You'd give all the world just for this.
For the comfort t'will give you in sorrow,
Send the children to bed with a kiss.


This was shared on a board that I read and it touched my heart beyond belief. Yesterday I was sitting here at the computer and looking at a picture of Jordyn and me when we were in Germany. We were on the top of a Castle Ruin not too far from where we lived. I loved going there. It had this beautiful view and was so peaceful. There was tons of tree's and a beautiful brooke that ran across the road. It brought back those days of innocence. The days that life would go on forever. Looking at Jordyn and that precious, beautiful, happy, perfect face. My arms have not ached for her like that in a long time. I sat here sobbing wanting nothing more than to have her in my arms.   Time does not erase. Time does not "fix". It's not always kind, and it's not a healer. I do believe that we learn to live with the pain and sadness though.   Well I guess that's all for this post. More either later or another day...

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