Monday, November 15, 2004

She was like a rose

She was planted and wanted immediately

She came out full of beauty that seems so rare

She brought a peace to me

A happiness I never knew.

I held on tight, not quite knowing why

Slowly she started to say good-bye

In the midst of what was to be her glory

In the early morning hours she left my life

I can still smell her, feel her, and sometimes

Just sometimes I can even hear the laughter

That was her.

She came and left with a beauty almost untold

But for a while I was the one

Who saw in her eyes. I'll never let her beauty

Truly Die


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milmomrrw said...

Christy,  you're thoughts are amazing.   Anyone can see how much you cherish your family.   Take the korea tour one day at a time.   I truly can relate to the tour, and we did it with no midtour, as you well know.   The two songs you chose,   beautiful, and i love both of them.  Hugs Sweetie.