Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Am I being tested?

A massive tornado


Today started like any other day. Then Chad came home, took Jacob to preschool, like many days...then the phone rings. I notice the number but figure well he's supposed to go get me some throw away pans so I can take a meal over to a wife who's dh committed suicide :(....oh no he was still at the school and I could hear Jacob SCREAMING bloody-murder in the background. UGh, what could have happened in 10 minutes to bring this on?

They get home, Chad is fuming, I honestly can't recall the last time I saw him this angry at Jacob. He told Jacob he was taking ALL his toys when he got home tonight and he'd have to earn every single toy back, one by one. Then he was sent to his room. I took him, I was still calm! Ha..that lasted about 5 seconds when he had to be placed into his bed by me and was screaming, armys flying all around like a wild animal. It went from bad to worse. The screams kept getting louder, although I honestly do not know how and man those screams were HIGH. He then got out of bed, kicking or hitting the door. That was my last straw. Hello, "Mommy Dearest" I went into take no prisoner's mode and started off gently, then got louder and louder. Sat him in the hallway for a timeout, no he went to hit me (which does NOT happen) and then Daddy got in his face. Screams kept going, the fit continued he was sent back to his room. Finally after about 20 or more minutes he calmed down (potty breaks will help that!LOL) he was allowed to come out and he said sorry. Then he said he wanted to go to school. Of course at this point it's been over half hour after school started, so he could not go and def. not after the fit he threw.

Once he had calmed, ate lunch, and finally laid down for a nap..I started thinking about my post last night. Was I being tested? If so, I think I may have failed miserably because I lost it on that poor kid.

I know one thing, just when I think I have a grip on what it's like parenting a toddler (much less a 3 yr old toddler) I get reminded I know NOTHING! God definately has a sense of humor. I'd love to sit and talk with him and find out how he'd handle the situation. I'm sure that even though we're adults we're often like 3 yr olds throwing a temper tantrum when we do not get what we want, ask for, or justplain expected from GOD and through life.

When Jordyn died, I stopped going to church, so in that way I was like a 3 yr old. Rebelling: kicking and screaming and telling God why we SHOULD have our way.

I will TRY to keep this in mind the next time Jacob or Jackson decide to throw a temper tantrum. It won't excuse it, but maybe I can be more understanding of their frustration...well I doubt it, but we'll see!


milmomrrw said...

definitely makes you think.   time for my test with liam, again.  Ok lord, what are you trying to tell me?


pixiedustnme said...

Oh my!  What a day!  Sounds like you handled it like a pro, though :-)