Saturday, November 12, 2005

Weekend Assignment #85

I don't do these often, but thought eh, this is easy enough! :)

John's question this week Weekend Assignment #85: Magazines, Anyone?

Weekend Assignment #85: What magazines do you subscribe to and why? This assumes you currently subscribe to a magazine or two, of course, but I'm reasonably confident most of us do. If you don't have any current subscriptions, however, you can list some of your most recent subscriptions or magazines you want to subscribe to.

Extra Credit: What was your first magazine subscription?

Chad gets Ranger Joe and a couple different computer magazines, I have no clue the names and he took the latest issue's with him.

I get Ladies Home Journal, Parents, and Parenting. I know! I'm a woman and I get ones that interest and relate to me! LOL

Jacob also gets one, I think it's called Turtle. It's a cute kids magazine.

For extra credit...hmmm thinking thinking thinking. I do remember getting highlights for a while, so I guess that would have to be it.


If you want to play go to JohnScalzi and link your entry in his journal.

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lv2trnscrb said...

I used to get Ladies Home Journal; I liked that and Redbook for awhile - but Redbook made me mad with an article they wrote (about all men having a secret life of pornography) so I wrote them a nasty letter and asked them to cancel my subscription. Funny thing is they never responded back and I don't even think they cancelled my subscription. After that article, whenever Redbook came into the house, I just threw it away without reading it. And then obviously I didn't renew it.

Now I get Family Circle.