Sunday, November 6, 2005


The boys and I went to a retreat this weekend! It was wonderful, just what I needed! Friday, Saturday, and this morning we had 2 hours of sessions which meant a little over 2 hrs of...childcare! we got there Friday late afternoon, got our rooms which are VERY different than rooms in the states that's for sure! We all had suites, but I've been in suites in very nice hotels in the states, but they were never quite like this. We had a downstairs and an upstairs. No I didn't take pictures, I know, I know stupid, but I just didn't think about it until after we left! Go figure. We had a full bathroom and a closet on each side of the hall way in the entry way. Then you walk a little further and there was a VERY small living area (although the rooms on the other side of the hall had a larger living area. Then there were stairs (same side as the closet), and a king size bed up there. There are no windows upstairs and felt like the heat was on full blast, so it got pretty warm up there! The upstairs was quite large (which the rooms on the other side the upstairs was not near as wide). There was tvs up and downstairs, which would have been great if the channels weren't all German, but hey we are in Germany. It didn't stop Jacob though, he still watched Tom in Jerry and laughed his tush off yesterday morning and this morning watched I believe it was Rupunzle (the princess locked in the tower with the long hair). Brothers Grim are of course from Germany, so no surprise that one of their classics was on!

We had breakfast and dinner provided for us which was nice and we didn't have to pay for the rooms or the sessions. The only thing we had to get ourselves was lunch and then when we got to go shopping yesterday! We had all day yesterday to do what we liked, sessions didn't start until 6:30 (dinner started at 5, but in reality we didn't have to eat there...but hey it was free so why not). The first night dinner was good, can't remember what we had, but it was good. Saturday night it was ok, the boys barely ate, and even dessert was only so-so. Good thing they have a mommy who brought snacks and that they LOOOOVE Fruit! They did get grapes, cheese, and both ate an apple and apple sauce, so they were fulfilled.

The retreat/sessions were on "Boundaries with Kids" The book is still in my van, so I'll try to remember to share the actual name and authors later. It was really great. Explaining how all of us, adults and children NEED and must have boundaries to have successful relationships and really a successful life. It's true, common sense stuff and gave some great idea's on disipline and just living in general, and the best of all with Christian Core Values. I'm telling you by the time Chad comes home I'm going to be parenting the way God wants me to! I feel like my relationship with Christ is growing so much and because of that I'm becoming a person that I want to be and becoming a better mom, etc. I want to be a better wife as well, a Godly wife. I love my husband and want to be the wife he deserves. I don't always try, and that's something I will be working on, even with him deployed I don't stop being a wife. I can and will continue to grow. I am excited to see how I am changing.

I know one thing I have to work on is judging people. It is so hard when they put their flaws out there for everyone to see and you get sucked into them, not wanting to but you're exposed and it's just there. I don't understand mom's who just don't care to parent, whether it's ignorance or laziness. Isn't it our jobs the moment we get pregnant to try our best to protect our children, and isn't providing disipline part of that protecting? I think so, maybe I'm crazy, I don't know. But lazy parenting just really, really ticks me off. It seems that when you're around a lazy parent their child's just SCREAMING (most often literally too) for disipline in their life. It's not always telling the child to sit down, shut up, and be silent. It's love and tenderness as well. It's showing them that "you're worth it". I'm no where near perfect, I'm working daily on being a better mom myself. My boys are not perfect. None of us are that is for sure, but we really have to TRY. We can't watch our child act like a wild animal literally, screaming and carrying on and just not do anything. The other thing (and then I'm done) is when this SAME Mom has her SICK BABY on this trip and exposes everyone to her! When a baby is having runny diapers at least 2 an hour, you don't take the child to childcare so you can "get a break". Why, hmmm..lets start counting the reasons.

1. Baby wants and needs YOU

2. Exposing childcare workers to your child's sickness

3. Exposing other children to your child's sickness

4. Seriously BAD PARENTING

To be sitting in a parenting class that obviously she desperately needs, yet on the bus ride home just showing she really doesn't get it, is sad. Ok so that vent is over. You can see where the "bad" came in for the trip.

Really though the trip was awesome! I loved the classes, I got some great items shopping! I'll have to take pictures! :) It was really a lot of fun. I got to know some people that I didn't know yet or really know. Oh and get this! Yesterday when we went shopping one of the parents said that their 2nd oldest daughter would love to watch the kids (we left Jackson, my friends youngest, and the wild child who's 4/oldest) with the girl....who's name is..........................

Jordan. Jackson LOVED her. She said that out of the 3 he was definately the best and if I ever wanted her to watch him again, she'd love to! awww! She was and is a really sweet girl. Her older sister was there as well to help her out, but she did it and when we got back her parents were back too, but they said she did it all herself and she handled it well. When I went up to get Jack, he was happy, hugged me then hugged her and said "bye, ordan". :) Then when he'd see her after wards he'd just giggle and play a little hide and seek! I have a few teenagers that would watch the boys if I need them too, which is nice to have. I'm not one that has others watch my kids that often, although with me going to the gym I'll be using childcare more, but over all I'm the mom and I am the one who takes care of my children. I don't drop them off with others much. I LOVE being a SAHM and I LOVE being with my children.

Well this has certainly gotten long and went in a few different directions! I did get as few pictures taken from our trip, and I'll get them downloaded over the next day or so and put a couple up! :)


FORGOT!! Ok, I'm editing this entry, don't do that very often...but I forgot my favorite part of the retreat! ROFL It's completely selfish, but felt so good.....

I got a neck and back massage. This was my FIRST true one! Oh my gosh it felt so good. It lasted 30 minutes, was only 25.00 Euro's! She rubbed out knots I didn't even know I had! The hot oil and her magic hands, I'm going to have a massage done at least once every pay period and know that with that I'll be ok without having Chad here! ROFL, just kidding magic hands on the back and neck can't fully replace Chad, but wow, it definately comes in a great 2nd! LOL Oh I'm dreaming about my next massage! :) Oh and if you haven't had one before...RUN and get one, THEY ARE worth it. Ok so those in the states definately charge too much, but well it still feels good!


lv2trnscrb said...

What a wonderful get-away you had Christy! It sounds like a good experience for both you and the kidlets. Isn't it nice to be pampered like that for a bit?

I'm terrible with judging people; I'm getting better about it, but I still have my days with seeing the bad in people and wondering why they do what they do. Unfortunately, so many women who get pregnant don't realize the full impact of what they have "signed up" for until they are dealing day to day with someone who needs them 100% of the time. For some, it is so overwhelming. I think we need to stress to young women/high schoolers especially how difficult it is to parent so they will be better prepared when the time comes for them to want to have a baby.

looking forward to seeing your pictures :)


randlprysock said...

Hi Christy,
Wow!  Sounds like you are learning a lot and doing your best to apply all of these tools.  Good for you!  I know I have some work to do in the parenting area.  Glad you got to have a nice little getaway.  Sounds just wonderful.  I would love to stay in an up and downstairs retreat and the German cartoons sound really cool.  My mom used to read to us from her Grimms Fairy Tales Book.  Hugs,

butterflies4me04 said...

OH MAN! A MASSAGE! I'm super super jealous!


pixiedustnme said...

hmm, judging people - man, i guess we better just stop talking to each other because we have a way of getting each other going!  >giggle< glad you had such a great time :-)

bekahbutterflies said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed your retreat.  Sounds like you really liked your first massage too. :)   don't forget to share the name of the book and the author please.  I look forward to it.

fairylaura said...

WOW! Sounds like a good time. Take care!