Monday, November 14, 2005

A Survey Like No Other

  A Survey Like No Other


1.   What sign are you?    Aqurius (don't believe in this junk though)

2.   What's your favorite color?  Purple

3. How many waffles could you eat in one sitting?  2

4. Can you touch your tongue to your nose?  No. 

5. If you had to choose between cats and dogs, which would it be? Cats, they're not as demanding.

6. What's something you've learned recently?  When eggs dry on a closet shelf, spraying it down and wiping with a rag will NOT take it up, but getting out the dish scratcher will take it up in 5 seconds flat!

7. What's your favorite quote?  "I could jog to Texas and back, but my daughter can't" Sally Fields/Steel Magnolia's...(It's one of those that's ALWAYS stuck with me)

8. What's your favorite entry in your own journal?  I just recently wrote it actually, it's called : Jordyn

9. What color is your bedroom? Army blah

10. Where is your favorite place to visit?  A tie right now between Edelwiess in Garmish and Neuschwanstein Castle

11. What is one thing you want to accomplish this year? Teaching Jacob to read

12. Why do you write in a journal? It's a place for me to share my thoughts and feelings.

13. What's your favorite joke?  Just click and turn up your volume (it's clean, just hilliarious!)

14. Do you like the city or the country?  The country, although I LOVE being close to everything, but I prefer the country.

15. What style is your house decorated?  Oh it's a mixture kitchen's in apples, I've got some Americana going on and I plan on doing more Americana, oh and just tons of pictures of my family! :)

16. Who's your favorite artist?

17. Can you pat your tummy and rub your head at the same time? Yes

18. Are you a night owl? ROFL! Um...yes!

19. What's something you love in your house? My children!  ok if we're going for non human, seriously it's all my pictures of my family and friends.

20. Do you believe in God? Absolutely - with all my heart.

21. What hobby could you never give up? Internet (it's more of an addiction)

22. What color makes you think of Hope? Yellow and White (it's a tie)

23. What color makes you think of Love? Red

24. What's your favorite flower? Petunia's

25. If you had one wish for the world, what would it be? That everyone would know Jesus Christ.

26. What's the best surprise you have ever received? Finding out I was pg with Jordyn

27. What can you cook like no-one else? Lasagna...I've been told many times by various people that it's the best they have ever had! :)

28. What do you think about most?  My family

29. Who is your favorite poet?  

30. And last but not least, if you could wrap yourself up in one word...what would that word be?   MOM


lv2trnscrb said...

I love reading these surveys; I got to get around to doing mine.

Army blah - bet you don't see that on a paint chip at the paint store.

Loved your answer to the last one :)


sangrialel said...

Great answers!  

angcrewswife said...

Love your answers!!!!!

angelm0304 said...

I loved your answers.  I am gonna have to do this survery. It looks fun.
Have a great day.

fairylaura said...

GREAT!! I just got to know you better.