Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You just HAVE to go and read this!

Ok so by now most if not all of you know of My Emily-Really Living . Two months ago her sweet Miller Grace went home to Heaven after 5 precious days on this earth and she's been changing lives ever since. Emily had made her blog private, but then over the weekend God led her to open it back I encourage each of you to go back and read entries you may have missed, but the one entry I'm leading you to is yesterday's! What a day for brings so much joy to my heart that she had such a day!

Emily's real and real isn't always easy...but it's the truth of the matter. Read her, pray for her and with her, learn from her, from Miller Grace, and know that I love her more! ROFL Ok, seriously I do love her more than any of you could...but well she's my best friend that's just what happens...but you're going to love her too! You just will, so accept it and go!

Emily-Really Living



tsalagiman1 said...

Thanks for sharing this.  I'll definitely visit as it sounds like an excellent read.


cvgflydis said... chance, I clicked her link (still in my fave list) and got in. I felt so guilty, thinking I'd slipped by the "gone private" police.....and now, tonight, really wanted to go back, and still feeling like I wasn't supposed to be there.......and read this entry. So it was meant for me to just click there last night, by chance. Tell her I said thanks for letting us/me back in. Her wisdom in faith is more than I can imagine in my God infancy........Thanks Emily......Thanks Christy~