Thursday, September 13, 2007

Screaming baby, Sleeping baby

So I figure I've not posted a ton about Emma since she joined our family almost 6 weeks (yes for those who read this in the past, it did say months..oops!) ago so I figured I should do that!! :) Emma's still a pretty easy baby, anyone who's ever had a newborn understands babies's simply how they communicate to tell us they're hot, cold, hungry, stinky, or simply want held. Emma's not much of a communicator! LOL She's pretty content for the most part, her needs are often met EXTREMELY quickly. She'll be 6 weeks old tomorrow btw!

So about 30 minutes ago now Emma was in her swing, which she's ok with most of the times she's placed in it (which isn't all that often, but sometimes it's a handy tool). She'd been snoozing in it for about 10 minutes and started fussing, then screaming...her eyes never opened. I pick her up and she simply snuggles into me and goes back to sleep...she communicated quite clearly to me...she wanted held!

Emma also has a favorite person in the world...ME! :) Chad is tolerable sometimes, but it's becoming less and less of a tolerance! :O He can be holding her and she's just fussing or actually all out crying and she just hears my voice or smells me get closer and she starts to calm down and will be completely happy once she's in my arms. I do laugh, because well it's funny, but I do feel bad for Chad at the same time. This man has desperately wanted a little girl again and to know that his little girl isn't all that fond of him...the simple fact is he can't provide her with her favorite thing...the breast! The girl is an eater and since she likes  to do it often, he's pretty worthless to her right now at this point in her sweet little life! LOL But let me tell you when she lets him, he holds her and shows her off to everyone he can!! He couldn't be prouder! It's the sweetest thing!

The boys are still crazy about her! :) Well Jacob has a soccer game in 2 hours so I need to get going. I will share some pictures probably later tonight. Last night I fell asleep in the chair rocking Emma and dragged myself to bed at 10:30! Wahoo lets hear it for EXHAUSTION! I slept good, Emma woke up once to nurse and then we woke up about 8 for good!


Oh and school with the boys is going good! Jacob's doing English, Reading, Math, and Science everyday. I am going to go to the library next week and he's going to start some history. We're going to go with a study in Germany so we can go visit what ever we choose. I'm going to have the librarian help us decide whathe study's and see what other idea's she has. She LOVES to be involved and has told us homeschoolers to please let her I'm going to! I think we'll all have fun with it!!


pixiedustnme said...

ok, go back and change the first line in this post so it reads weeks, not months ;-)

hmschlmommy7 said...

I love the way you described Emma's bond with you: simply BEAUTIFUL!  You're a very special person, Mommy!  She fits so perfectly, doesn't she?  

Do you do unit studies with your boys?  Just curious.

Blessings to you!

sangrialel said...

I was totally confused with the 6 months thing too!!  Thought I lost some time there.  Linda

crewsfour said...

Emma is too cute, I do feel bad for Chad but I know its a good feeling that you're able to comfort her so quickly.  Sounds like everything is going smooth and she had a good transition into the family.  Have a great game and I can't wait to see pics!!  Leene

bhbner2him said...

As soon as she doesn't have to have that mama's milk, she'll start to turn into a Daddy's girl.  Bug has a T-shirt that says, "My fingers may be small, but I can still wrap my Daddy around them."  And it's no joke.  ;o)  -  Barbara

jckfrstross said...

what a nice librarian to help you out:) bet emma is growin and the boys too:) enjoy your weekend


emabecmar said...

wow, 6wks old. she is a cutie. she'll be a daddy's girl soon enough, she just wants mommy now cause mommy is with her 24/7. rebecca has her daddy wrapped around her finger big time. (((((((hugs)))))))