Monday, September 24, 2007

Alerts Down, Updated Journal

Go back and read my latest entry...the alerts have been down again, so if you wrote an update let me know and I will go take a look before I head to bed!


happysunshien said...

i missed that alert...i made one too :)

pictures of the new horse... :)_

mumma4evr said...

I made an entry...will go and look at yours!!!

lifesabench6 said...

Hi Christy- Is'nt amazing how much of a cost difference things are when you check out another way to get them?!  I'm glad you'll be able to get it fixed finally- what a relief!  God Bless and hope things stay good for you all-  Carolyn ~ (PS- you need to do your interview!  Did you get your questions that I e mailed?- Please let me know- if not, I can do it again?)