Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ok so my earlier post which I've fixed now I aged Emma by 4 1/2 months...she's REALLY 6 weeks! (well Friday she will be). Hey I'll use the excuse that although she's an AWESOME sleeper I am still sleep deprived to a degree! Anyone who doesn't think nursing doesn't take a lot out of you, well you've obviously never breastfed your child! It drains you literally in a physical sense of taking the milk out and also the energy! By the end of the day I'm normally wiped out! Right now, Chad has Emma sleeping on his chest and he's kind of sprawled out on the love seat (half sitting up/half laying)! It's rather cute!! Emma likes to have that body contact!

Tonight Jacob had his 2nd soccer game, I forgot my camera. The great news is he played really great, got his foot on the ball quite a few times and kicked it down field. He's really liking that he's not stuck in the same position week after week for the whole game like last year. We're not supposed to keep score either and I don't count the no. of goals but well we did win! LOL The other team didn't get a single goal in (that was last week for us, although I think we did get one goal!) but we got like 6 tonight! The kids were having a great time, the cutest moment though was another little boy on our team "S" was playing goaly and he blocked a should have seen his face. Everyone was cheering for him, but he was just beaming and the fact that his mom saw it and was cheering for him and yelling his name...the kids literally had a smile on his face for a full 5 minutes from that one play! It was a GREAT stop let me tell you, he had a right to feel proud!! :)

Afterwards we went to the bowling alley with a friend of ours for dinner, I had a cheeseburger it wasn't the greatest of meals but it could have been so much worse and I ate great all day long, so I don't feel too bad about it. I've not been snacking on junk at all and have been drinking all my water, which isn't an issue for me the way it is...but still! I would give anything for some chocolate right now, so I'm going to go buy me some Hershey Kisses (I actually can eat just one at a time, when I suck on it and let it melt in my mouth!) and going to get some strawberries and make an angel food cake...low fat all around and it takes care of my sweet tooth! Now if Kelly could only get me those chips (rofl..j/k!)....Tomorrow night I will work HARD to make good choices...we're going to the hospitality house and it's Mexican favorite! I'm making enchilada casserole. I plan to eat a lot of salad if someone brings it and get pretty full off of that so that the rest of what I eat will not be too bad, and drink my water. I need to get some good choices for breakfast as well. I can make some scrambled eggs (they're they only kinds of eggs I'll eat), I only have/eat whole grain bread for toast, we have grapes and apples currently in the fridge...obviously need to load up on more fruit and raw veggies got to get me some those!

I am starting this change lower than I expected..I actually weighed 5 lbs less than I thought, so that was a great boost Wednesday when we weighed ourselves in class!! I'm hoping to lose anywhere from 5-10 lbs this week, I'm a big girl so big changes can result in big losses the first week. I know it will not remain like that (the big losses) but it's pretty common the first week or two to have big losses. So hopefully between the food changes and the walking I'm going to be doing it'll come off, oh and the nursing, the constant nursing that Emma does!! :) Take it off baby!

You know now that I wrote all of that I'm not sure if I even shared I was starting a weight loss program! I did!! It's in PWOC one of the classes being offered is called Giving Christ First Place. It's a Christian based Weight loss program! I'm really excited. It's pretty similar to Weight Watchers which I SOOO LOVE and had lost 40 lbs with before moving over here to Germany. We have weekly weigh ins, challenges, bible verses to memorize every week, scripture reading, and supporting each other who's in the class! I'm really thrilled about it and just absolutely am ready to get this weight off! I will be starting my weight loss journal back up I think, unless I just blog about it here off and on. I do weigh less this time starting than I did when I joined WW's back in Feb '05 so that's a definate good thing!

Oh the pictures...are from Jacob's soccer game, Jack's 1st soccer practice, Emma from Tuesday with the boys, and Chad took the ones of Jack in his Incredible Hulk costume (it had been Jacob's...but he's obviously outgrown in!).

Well it's 12:30 am and I'm about to pass out! The boys will be up no later than 8 am I'm sure and we have a full day ahead of us between school, walking, commissary trip, need to go to the ID office tomorrow to get Emma enrolled for our insurance, see if I can get her footprints done since that didn't happen the other day...oops, and go to the Hospitality House for the evening! I'm tried just thinking about it...oh and I have to get laundry done as well..yippee.



candlejmr said...

I love seeing your pictures...the one of Emma turning her head and LOOKING at the boys is just totally ADORABLE!!!!  And yes, I did breastfeed all three of my kids and it certainly DOES take alot out of you!!!

I see you are doing soccer now too!  I so remember when Kelly was so young and on the she's playing high school varsity.  Seems like just yesterday she was in Pee Wees!  Enjoy every minute of it.  I know I did...and still do!!!

Isn't being a mom the GREATEST????


pixiedustnme said...

I know this weight loss group is going to work out for you, and I know how committed you are this time, it's amazing the desires God can put in our heart.  I love the pictures, soccer looks like so much fun!

crewsfour said...

Goodness I'm tired just thinking of all the things you've got to do tomorrow!!  YEA to you on deciding to get healthy and lose weight - I know how determined you can be and know that once you set your mind to this you're going to accomplish it!!!  The weight loss group sounds perfect for you - losing weight, learning bible passages and just women/men supporting other women/men.  LOVE the pics especially the one of all three kids - Emma, Jack and Jacob and too cute!!!  Leene

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Love the pics...
my fav being the boys up above Emma
and she looking up grinning at them....precious!


nay0114 said...

Love the pics of the kids. The baby is getting so big... 6weeks lordy time flies. It doesn't even seem that long. Hope you all have a great weekend.
Take care, Chrissie

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:)


fairylaura said...

Aww great pictures!! I wish Lo could have done soccer this year. HOpefully I get back in time for her to start baskeball in the states. Emma is getting so big! All the pink! I love it!!

Good luck on the weightloss! That's always fun. ;)


sangrialel said...

thank goodness those sleepless nights are so worth it in the long run huh??  Love the pics.  Linda

emabecmar said...

those kids are just so cute. lil emma is really growing. good luck with the weight loss group. have a nice weekend. (((((hugs)))))))