Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another Interview ;)

Ok so to continue with the interviews (if you want me to interview you, just leave a comment letting me know!)

Anyways...Leene over at: Life is a circus had these questions for me :)


How much is gas for you in Germany? Here on post gas is $ post I believe it's over or right around $6-7.00 (now seriously do you REALLY have anything to complain about...nope!)

Where else have you guys been stationed? We've been stationed at Fort Riley (KS) which is home well I'm from Ks (about 90 miles from Riley) and over all in our marriage we've been stationed there the most...from 1997-1998 and again from Oct 2000-July2005. Baumholder, Germany Chad got there in April '98 and Jordyn and I arrived Oct. 30, '98 and we all left May '99 and headed to...Fort Belvoir from May '99 and I moved back to Ks after Jordyn died in August '00 and Chad followed me in Oct.'00. Then here back to Germany (I don't post exactly where! OPSEC!!) we've been here since July 2005 though! So for a recap:

Ft. Riley, Ks

Baumholder, Germany

Ft Belvoir, Va

Ft.Riley, KS


What is your favorite book to read, other then the bible - any special authors? Oh man I LOVE reading and in the last year have discovered I LOVE Christian fiction. I also LOVE of my favorites is Barbara Bush's autobiography (wonderful read)...and I love Christian Bible Study type books...there's just really too many to list. I LOVE to read!

Do you get first run movies/cds or do you have to wait? We do get first run movies here on post, they send Europe so many copies of first run movies and they're shared throughout the military communities, but pretty well anything released in the majority of the US we get as well. CD's are released the same time here as well and so are for all those Harry Potter Fans, (not one personally) those of us in Germany got the book 6 hrs before anyone on the East coast!

Is there one thing that you really miss in terms of food (i.e. brand of chips or salad dressings) that you can't buy in Germany? Oh man...I miss Baked Lays Sour Creme and Onion chips (we have plain baked lays but the SC&O are my favorite chips), our particular commissary is small so we don't get as many organic foods as I wish they did have, we can get them...just a pain. I MISS Sonic! ROFL It's true, especially when I was pg with Emma...I would have caused physical harm to someone for a Sonic Cheeseburger! Seriously! LOL


janid731 said...

HI :)
Fun to know... :)  Won't complain about gas! :) lol

Have you ever read any of Karen Kingsbury books?  She is a Christian author. One of my favorites. I think I own just about everyone of her books and her child's book is fabulous (Let me hold you longer). I still can't read the whole thing to Rebekah without crying! Her website is :)

God Bless


crewsfour said...

Goodness I won't be complaining about gas anymore - I paid $2.53/gal today!!  What a small world my dad used to be the commander of Belvoir, he had been reassigned just before you moved there but it certainly was a nice post to live at.  We lived over near the Officers Club on the big loop - it has changed so much recently with the new houses and such.  Have you read any of Laura Bush's autobiographies or books?  I have and they were pretty interesting to read.  Have a great day and thanks for answering my questions :-)   Leene

pixiedustnme said...

now you know everytime i look for chips i look for those things and I have NEVER seen them here!

hbound4 said...

Ready for you to interview me!