Thursday, September 20, 2007

Don't Get Too Comfortable





I got a call from Chad a little bit ago and well that's the thought in my head right now....don't get too comfortable here. The problem is, I'm as comfortable as I've ever been anywhere in my life. I have felt since the day the boys and I got here that this post is exactly where we are supposed to be...that this is home. We LOVE it here. I have been so blessed personally with everything here. We have an amazing support system of friends who I have grown to love.





So...what's going on you ask...we might be moving. We'd stay in Germany, but go to another post. Actually it's where we were stationed at our 1st time in Germany. When we first found out we got to come back to Germany a little part of me hoped we'd get stationed back there, but now that we're here, we've established a support system, made such amazing friendships, actually know the area, etc...I plain and simple don't want to move. I want to stay right here until it's time to go back to the states. So why would we have to move? There's a unit there that's about to deploy and they need E-5's and E-6's and Chad falls into that category. They asked for volunteer's today, and said if they don't get any or enough then the Battalion will just start picking people. But oh let me tell you they got a deal for you...they'll pay for the move (as if that's some big incentive..since it's the ARMY saying you have to move "volunteer" or of course they'd move people). I'm not sure when they'll move the lucky ones that have to go there, but they're going to move them and then the soldier will be turning around and leaving soon after, yeah thanks! Chad told his 1st Sgt. he does NOT want to go, so now it's just a matter of waiting. I've not cried yet, but feel the tears welling up. I just can't imagine having to start over again and having Chad gone so quickly. I've been so blessed with our PWOC, having the support/friendships that we have, I can't imagine having to leave it and praying I don't.






I told Chad it just seems to me it'd make more sense to pick the single soldiers's not quite the disruption. They don't have a family to move, sure they may have a girlfriend, but well they're not pick them first. I know selfish isn't it, but it's how I feel. I am hoping that others want to experience another place in Germany and simply volunteer and that they get enough volunteer's that we're never even considered.'s just a wait and see thing at this point.




I would like to ask you each to pray for God's will in this. I know that if he wants us to move, that's exactly what will happen, and if not that he will not allow it. I have no idea when final word will come down if no volunteer's pop up, I'm guessing at least a couple days if not longer. I refuse to worry about it, I'm placing this in God's very capable hands and letting go of it.




deshelestraci said...

I am praying for you to stay put and for Chad to stay put as well!  No deployment, Lord!

happysunshien said...

(((Christy)))  thinking about you!


candlejmr said...

(((Christy)))) I'm praying for you to NOT have to up and move now...BUT...if you do have to move, I know you and I know how open and embracing you are.  You will fit in and be comfortable there in no time at all.


janid731 said...

will be praying for you and for God's will. :)

God Bless


pixiedustnme said...

ok, i hear you say you're going to let this go and not worry about it....but really, this is YOU we're talking about here!  If worst comes to worst would he be able to stay in barracks there and then come home on his "weekend" so you don't have to move and then when the deployment is over come back home?  Probably not, I know, but a girl can hope!

ktkamanski said...

My thoughts and prayers for you, yours and GODs Will shall be added. Hoping this all works out and doesn't disturb the comforts of home! Take care,

bhbner2him said...

Just remember your dearest blessings will be right with you no matter where you live.  -  Barbara

crewsfour said...

I will ask God to guide you in the best direction, as a military wife and former Army brat I know how hard it is too move.  I think its even harder when you're an adult and become really good friends with people and have your own "support" group.  I know it will all work out as it should and hope you hear something soon, the wondering is what can be the hardest.  Leene

mumma4evr said...

ok...if you are like me,,,and it sounds like  you are...LOLyou are I am praying that you will have peace...and that the single guys will step forward.

cvgflydis said...

I've never been much on change/moving. I hope you get to stay where you are happy now! Keep you in my thoughts over the next few days. And sittin' on edge~

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:)


lifesabench6 said...

Hi Christy- I will definately pray for you guys.  I understand how you feel (sort of) and would find it very hard to move too- but as you said, I will pray for His will to be done.  God Bless, and what will be will be best for you!  Love Carolyn :)

ksgal3133 said...

I know exactly how you feel!
Sending you many prayers and hugs,

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Keeping you all in my prayers!


emabecmar said...

will keep you in prayers.

springangel235 said...

Sending you all, love, prayers...and more...hugs and love,

mkolasa101 said...

I sure hope you get to say where your at. You've got a lot of prayers coming your way and some believe that your will is God's will and God's will is your will.  I'll be keeping you in my prayers too.

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