Thursday, September 13, 2007

Part 3 on Interview me! :)

Barb over at: Life & Faith in Caneyhead asked me:
Do you, or would you buy the kids $100+ tennis shoes, even if money were no object? At the age of my children there's no way on this earth I'd buy them that expensive of shoes EVEN if money were not an object. I think it'd be completely wasteful...if they were older and their feet weren't growing a hundred miles an hour, honestly I don't know..I doubt it.
How many states in the U.S.A. have you been to, and which ones? Oh goodness great question I should explain between the age of 3 to 5 my dad was laid off from Goodyear Plant in Topeka and so he worked in Track work (laying railroad tracks and the oil fields so we moved every couple of months!)
I lived in or visited: Ks, Iowa, Ill, Wi, Ok, Tx, Mo, Co, Wy, NM, Va, WV, Pn, Md, SC, Ga, Oh, Mi, Tn, Ky, NC,SD,Ne,CA,NV,In, AR,
So that's 27 states in all! :)
If you could have any career and be one of the best in your field, what you do be? I am doing it...I'm a mom and although it's not what most TODAY see as a Career, I believe it's the absolute most important one I or any woman can hold. I know there are probably better mom's out there, but everyday I do my best to be the best mom I can be! It's without a doubt what GOD created me to be!
Where do you feel the safest (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually)? Home...where ever God and Army decide home is...that's it.
What one thing would you most like to do that you have never done? Wow great question and one that's really making me think. I would love to be able to memorize bible verses easily and know the bible in my heart (you know where someone's talking about a bible verse and you can say which one it is!) to know and I mean TRULY know God's word in memory and heart what a wonderful thing that would be! I'm working on it!!!
Thank you Barb for these GREAT questions!!!


crewsfour said...

Those are great answers, I'm with you 100% with the tennis shoes but will say my girl is getting Heelies for Christmas (the tennis shoes with the roller skate in them) she's been asking for the past six months!!  I also agree that motherhood is a career - so many people don't see that but to me raising your children, being there for them all the time is the most important thing I will ever do.  Have a great day - Leene

bhbner2him said...

Loved your answers!!!  I am amazed at how many states you have been to.  And somehow I feel closer to you knowing that your dad worked oilfield.  ;o)   As to tennis shoes, when Bubba was 7 or 8, the ladies where I worked were buying those expensive shoes for their children just a few years older than he.  I told them I'd never do it.  They said give it time and you will.  I said no way I'd ever buy my child shoes that cost more than the ones thier daddy earned their living in.  And I haven't, he's 18 now.  

I know what you mean about the Bible verses.  It infuriates me that I know so many, but can't just rattle off where they are.  That's one reason my old worn well-marked Bible is so special to me.  

pixiedustnme said...

ok, see for me it's prayer...although memorizing is getting harder as i get older!