Saturday, July 19, 2008

They're home

No, not my little family, well we're home in Germany, still.  My best friend here, B....her husband came home this evening! T left May 4, 2007 and tonight August 19 returned to his family where he belongs! Their daughter D is 18 months old, son B is 7 1/2 yrs old.

I stuck with B as she searched for Tim since I was the official picture taker! :) What an honor let me tell you. Now I will give you a glimpse of what we were dealing with:

There is 250 soldiers waiting to be reunitied with their families who were eagerly awaiting them!! When they were told by their 1st Sgt. "Dismissed" off families went and off soldiers went in search of their loved one. I was with B and we were searching for T. Let me tell you when you're sitting in the bleachers looking at all the soldiers, they all look alike! LOL Then add on the amount of time you've been apart, the last time you saw your soldier and well it often becomes a bit of a blur looking for him. So there we were looking, looking, and looking and we could not find him. She was getting worried they'd told her wrong and he wasn't in the group. We were reassured his name was on that list and he was with them. By this point my boys were with me and that's when Jacob saw him! I was able to get pictures of them reuniting and hugging for the first time since November when he was home for R&R! It was beautiful and just so wonderful!!!

B and I are pretty well together every day and hopefully by the time I get back from the states we can jump back into our work out routine, we already have my neighbor lined up to watch her little girl and my 3 for that hour at the gym and so we will start back up once I'm home and adjusted to the time change! I'm thrilled about that. She's reassured me that the kids and I will be over at her home many nights for dinner (we had her over at least once or twice a week, often more while Chad was home and T was deployed!). We are so blessed to have each other. She leaves next spring and I'm absolutely dreading it. I've never had a friend like I have in her as an Army wife.  When my friend Michelle left that was really hard and we were very close, but B and I are even closer. We're truly like sisters. She will often call me her triplett! She has an identical twin sister already! LOL I just love her to death and wish so much we could just remain stationed at the same Army posts until we retired and then retire together in the same place. But she's from Pennsylvania and of course we're going to retire in KS. But I have quite a few months before I have to focus on her leaving and in the mean time I'll continue to be blessed by her friendship and our boys friendships, and just love her family for all that I can while I can.

Anyways....since T is back, I actually have their kids! Their son wasn't very thrilled because of course he wanted to spend time with his Dad, but he came anyways and he's been a good boy the whole time. Their little girl was fine, she was rather confused by bedtime, she's used to being nursed to sleep, so being simply rocked was an adjustment for her, but she only cried for a few minutes and then she was out. She's in my bed now. All 3 boys are in the living room. Jacob is on the couch, B is on the loveseat, and Jack is on the floor. They had popcorn and watched a movie and passed out quickly!

There's still some smaller groups to come in over the next couple of weeks, so please be in prayer for the soldiers, as well as the families awaiting their return. Praise God for the safe return of all the soldiers who have so far! God is good and gracious and although we don't always understand his ways, the truth is nothing happens without his permission. We are blessed humans and we need to always praise him!


I'm now off to bed. It's not even midnight here and I can barely keep my eyes open!  Pray they sleep in a bit.

God Bless


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