Thursday, July 3, 2008

Busy Day Already

Ok my "mood" is only because of the horrid temps's nearly 90 if not over, quite humid, just miserable. We're going to the pool once Emma's up from her nap! YES!

So our day started early. The boys both had physicals this morning, Jack was in no mood to participate...just fabulous. Try getting a 4 yr old to do an eye test that he won't even look up at the chart for, see! So Jacob gets everything done on his end and all was good. Jack did everything but the eye exam and would not draw a person for the dr, not sure why she wanted him to draw a person other than hand-eye coordination (it was a phsyical). Then we found out he had to have 3 vax's. Yeah that was ohhhh so fun. He screamed so loud and Emma started crying and screaming. Jacob just sat there with his fingers in his ears. The nurse though was NOT gentle about it at all. She JABBED that needle into his little thighs. I felt horrible for him. I was almost in tears myself. But all was fine shortly afterwards. After we left the medical clinic we went to the CAC ( Community Activities Center) for a LeLecheLeague (LLL) meeting. I hadn't attended before, but it was good. We were then bad and stopped at BK for the simple fact that they have a very wonderful and powerful AC in there, so we sat and had lunch.

We got home, I put Emma down for a nap, took laundry down, have now transferred the laundry, and Emma just got up. We're getting ready to go to the pool in about 20 minutes.

Chad's supposed to call on my cell phone while we're at the pool, so the kids can actually talk to him, which will be nice! I miss him so much I can't even tell you. I try not to think about the fact that he'll be gone for 15 months, because it's just so overwhelming. I am focusing on our trip to the states right now, then when we get back I am planning a trip to Legoland. I have to keep us busy enough to help time go by without being overextended! 

Oh and to top it all off, my baby girl is 11 months old today. How HAS the time gone by so quickly? I'm going to take a picture of her today, she looks so cute in her little sundress and her handband and bow! BTW I'm totally addicted to (IF you go there and are going to buy any, please let me know and if you don't know my last name I'll give it to you so you can put me in as your referral and I can get free bows!!!! THANK YOU!). Well, I better get going, I have to check on the laundry and see if Jacob's shorts and towel are dry yet.


Have a great day!

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