Friday, July 11, 2008

So Tired

Even been so tired, you do doze off sitting up (like oh at the computer), and dream you hear a phone ringing (but it's actually not) and makes you jump? Yeah that'd be me about oh 3 minutes ago.

We had a good day. We took the kids to Playmobil and then stopped at the Pizza Hut that's just down the road from PM and actually tastes like the US PH and let me tell you that's a treat because the one we have here on post is AWFUL and it's a Pizza Hut too, just a gross one (as in the food).

We got to chat and talk to Chad. He got on the internet, but then his internet went out so he called! He got a new SIMS card for his cell phone so he can call me from Iraq. I tried calling him back on it, it's only 35 cents a minute, figure we can talk 5 minutes a week from me calling, or even longer as long as we don't go crazy....but I couldn't figure out how to get it to go through, then when I did figure it out (I think) it just rang and he knew I was trying to call so not sure what happened.

Tomorrow I'm cleaning and then taking the kids to a movie (Wall E) and maybe going with my friend to a movie (Made of Honor). Looks cute!

Ok, my VERY tired butt is heading to bed! I don't have to be up early so say a prayer that my kids all sleep in, in the morning!

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