Sunday, July 13, 2008

21 Reasons Why I love My Husband

My friend Amanda over at: I Am Mommy borrowed an idea from another blogger and I love it! So often you read women bashing their husband's, sharing why you should dislike him as much as they do at that MOMENT. It often is honestly rather heartbreaking. I think it's so important to be careful of male bashing as a whole, especially if you're a mother of boys. Everytime I'm tempted to bash my husband or read it I think, "how would I feel if a woman was saying that about one of my son's?" Let me tell you, I'd be fit to be tied. I NEVER want a woman to talk ugly about Jacob or Jackson. It's just some food for thought.

So in the spirit of lifting up my husband here's my list!

1. I love my husband for the man he is to me. He loves me with his whole heart and truly adores me and that is an amazing be loved!
2. I love my husband for the father he is. He did not have a father growing up, but that has not ever detered him from being the best dad I could have EVER asked for my children to have.
3. I love my husband that he's willing to put his own life at risk for others. He's more than just a Patriot, he's a soldier who literally goes out there and puts it out on the lines!
4. I love my husband for the way he loves GOD. He knows who he is in Christ and doesn't question that. To have such assurance is awesome to witness and a great example.
5. I love that my husband is finding that one of his many gifts is working in the children's ministry! To see him interacting with a variety of children and them responding so sweetly to him is awesome!
6. I love that my husband loves to travel as much as I do!
7. I love that my husband's desire to be with our family is greater than going out with his friends.
8. I love that my husband is handy around our home and with cars. I can do many things around the house, but not with vehicles! He's a man's man!
9. I love that my husband loves his job! He's a soldier, nuff said!
10. I love that my husband wants me to find things that make me happy!
11. I love that my husband has seen that God's will for our family is up to GOD and not up to us! (Trust me that's HARD submission in today's society!!)
12. I love the way my husband holds me and makes me feel as protected phsyically as the Lord makes me feel protected spiritually.
13. I love that my husband is strong enough to argue with me, especially when I "think" I'm right!
14. I love that my husband is adventerous!
15. I love that my husband feels as strongly about homeschooling our children as I do and supports us 100%!
16. I love that my husband supports me breastfeeding (and extended bf) our babies and GETS why it's so important!
17. I love the way my husband still longs for our daughter Jordyn, as much as I do.
18. I love that my husband is such a strong example to our boys.
19. I love that my husband is such a strong and gentle example to our daughter(s).
20. I love that he can grill and will cook if I'm not in the mood!
21. I love when my husband comes home from a deployment and wraps me in his arms as tight as he possibly can and isn't afraid to let the tears of joy fall from his eyes!

So join in. Tell the world why you love your husband. It can be a list of 5 things or 100, just tell us what it is about him that makes you so blessed that he is your husband! I also urge you to share your list with your husband, just so he knows why he's so special to you! Let me know if you have joined in, I'd love to read some kind things about others husband's too!

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